How Jessica Alba’s Staying Fit During Her Third Pregnancy

Photo: Eric James Wood
Actress Jessica Alba is prepping for an exciting role: new mom (again). The 36-year-old, who already has two daughters with husband Cash Warren, is in her third trimester and says one of the major things that's helped her through her latest pregnancy is working out. “It’s important for me to continue to exercise so that I can potentially have an easier postpartum recovery,” she says. “Right now I’m focusing on strengthening my upper back as I gain more weight in the front.”

"I love how I feel more energized and radiant after a good gym session."

Her current go-to routine comprises total-body functional strength training workouts with her PT Gregg Miele. Many of the moves the duo does utilize a cable machine and include kneeling pull downs and standing Y-shape arm extensions. "I love how I feel more energized and radiant after a good gym session,” says The Honest Company founder.

And while she’s dedicated to her exercise routine, she's also focused on her diet. Whether she's pregnant or not, Alba always tries to limit how much processed food she consumes, especially items with bleached or enriched flour and refined sugars. At the same time she's eliminating certain foods from her diet, she's also increasing her intake of others. Her best nutrition advice? "It's important to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and to go for organic, non-GMO meats, dairy, and grains whenever possible.”

Alba's a big fan of using food to not only fuel her body, but help heal it, too. Here's what she eats to clear up her acne and fight inflammation

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