This Simple Test Could Tell You If You’re Washing Your Hair Too Often

Photo: Getty Images/Torwai
When your hair is in desperate need of a wash, it's obvious—and for those days you wake up with especially greasy strands, thank the universe for dry shampoo. But how can you tell if you're sudsing up a little too often? Well, it turns out there's a simple hack that never fails to clue you in on whether you should rethink your showering habits or not.

To find out if you're overwashing, simply stand in front of the mirror and part your hair in three different places, looking for any white flakes. "This happens when the scalp gets a tad too dry," stylist Tonya Le told Insider. Dryness is often a telltale sign of overwashing. In doing so, you're stripping your hair of the natural oils that keep your strands strong, moisturized, and protected. You're also interrupting your scalp's pH balance. Because of that, it's not uncommon for your scalp to become dry and itchy and your hair to become damaged due to increased breakage.

If you have been overwashing, don't fear—there's an easy solution. Just minimize your weekly shampoo and hot water sessions, says Le, which "will help give your oil glands a chance to do its job and soothe the scalp naturally." And the best rule of thumb to start with? Sticking to only washing once or twice a week. After making the switch, it won't take long to get your silky-smooth hair back in check—and ensure your scalp isn't dishing out any unwanted snowflakes this winter.

This is the correct order to wash your hair in, once and for all. Then find out the trustworthy salon secrets to getting the best wash.

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