Turns Out We’re All Using Too Much Shampoo—Here’s a Money-Saving Tip to Stop the Habit

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If most of your showers consist of sudsing up your locks enough to fashion a sky-high, troll-style hairdo, à la Emma Stone in Easy A, you're not alone. But overdoing it with shampoo in attempts to get your hair squeaky clean is actually pretty damaging to your mane, and that's why one iconic French hairstylist is teaching the world to embrace the less-is-more approach.

At his New York City salon, Yves Durif has his staff use a technique to ensure clients get nice and clean hair without becoming stripped or totally dried out. That means instead of slathering on shampoo as is and working it in with their fingers, the hair-care professionals dilute the cleaner with a small bottle and some filtered water, then either gently brush or comb it into the strands, which detangles while getting rid of product residue, dirt, and oil, Refinery29 reports. "Most people use too much shampoo, so I tell [clients]—especially if they complain about the price of a shampoo—to apply it using a tiny bottle," Durif says.

"Most people use too much shampoo, so I tell [clients]—especially if they complain about the price of a shampoo—to apply it using a tiny bottle." —Yves Durif, French hairstylist

Aside from saving a whole lot of money by using this technique, Durif also says you'll end up with softer, healthier hair. To try the method in your own shower, just get a tiny applicator bottle, then add equal parts shampoo and filtered water. Start with a few teaspoons of each and swirl the bottle to mix them together. After wetting your hair, you're ready to start cleanin'. "Apply the shampoo just at the roots. That way, it goes right where you need it and you don't waste the shampoo," he explains. After massaging for a few minutes, you can use a wide-tooth plastic comb or a vent brush to safely ease out any tangles without breakage.

Once you rinse out the shampoo and condition everything but your roots and scalp, you can officially consider yourself a minimalist French girl. (Bonus points if you copy this full shower technique.)

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