There’s Now a Dry Shampoo for Your Clothes—so Keep Rewearing Those Dirty-Ish Duds

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No matter how old you are and mature you become, doing laundry seems to always feel like a chore—adding insult to injury is the fact that the weekly allowance you once received for finishing your loads probably stopped years ago. This reality of the spin-cycle blues renders new market research results rather unsurprising. According to Unilever, nearly 60 percent of millennial bedrooms are adorned with a "chairdrobe." You know, that pile of clothes that you haven't worn enough times to necessitate a toss in the wash but also don't feel like hanging back up and stowing away.

Well, don't waste your energy feeling guilty about the haphazard habit, though—especially now that there's an effortless way to transform that mound of barely worn items into functional closet annex.

The spray not only makes clothes smell extra-fresh, but it also softens the fabric and gets rid of any wrinkles that occur from hanging out on your "chairdrobe."

Folks who rewear semi-clean (or even dirty-ish) garments on the regular will soon be able to get their hands on a time- and hygiene-saving new product that's basically like dry shampoo for clothing. According to Quartzy, Day2 Dry Wash Spray promises to not only make clothes smell extra-fresh but also aims to soften the fabric and remove wrinkles that might come from days (or weeks!) sitting out, askew. What it's not is a stain remover or a straight-up replacement for standard laundry, rather just a way to put off the inevitable for an extra wear (just like, yep, dry shampoo).

Another way it helps make sure you never feel bad about making laundry a problem for tomorrow? There's an eco-friendly perk, too: Each bottle—which contains around 25 uses—reportedly saves 16 gallons of water.

The spray—which comes in Original, Denim, and Delicate options—is currently only available via the company's website in the UK, but it will reportedly be listed on Amazon soon. So, start counting the days till you're repeating outfits like a boss—and smelling really good in the process.

Looks like you're going to need a few new chairs for your bedroom chairdrobe…

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