How Others See You, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Even if you're the most authentic, brutally honest, totally transparent person in the world, you still outwardly present to others in some ways that may not mirror exactly how you feel inwardly. While your inner qualities may inform your external being—by way of things like your style, personality, temperament, and actions—you may see yourself quite differently than how others perceive you.

But it’s good to be cognizant of your perceived self—especially for the more emotionally reserved among us or those who speed through life at a mile a minute, since other people may misread certain feelings and intentions. And your Myers-Briggs personality type holds clues to your external persona. (Don’t know what your type is? Read this first!)

Check out how others perceive you, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

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ISFJ: Soft-spoken

Although you are usually quite popular, you are also seen as the shy, sweet one (Rory from Gilmore Girls is an ISFJ, for example). You never speak an unkind word to others. You’re responsible, studious, love to read, and others probably think you’re a bit quirky, too.

ESFJ: Socially assertive

You are friendly to everyone, whether you know them or not, which makes you approachable to others. People turn to you as a behind-the-scenes director—whether that means organizing a school fund-raiser, sitting on the board of a nonprofit, or spearheading a committee at your religious organization. You are always punctual, and you hold yourself to the highest standards.

ISTJ: Responsible

People know you as a solid person through and through; you’re a good friend, a kind neighbor, a dependable worker, and a diligent parent. But since you’re often more comfortable out of the limelight, you are probably known as much for your humility as for any of those things.

ESTJ: Energetic

You’re the boss at work, but you definitely have a chill side. Most of the people who know you socially would say you have boundless energy and enthusiasm. You’re always down for a trip, a happy hour, a long talk on the phone, or a night out—and you’re happy to plan it, too. (Hermione Granger from Harry Potter is an ESTJ).

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ESFP: Happy-go-lucky

Others see you as carefree. You like to be spontaneous; you don’t like planning ahead, and you would gladly decide the night before to hop a plane to visit somewhere you’ve never been. You’re the life of the party. You’re bright, bold, and colorful, too. You’re usually well known for your sense of style.

ISTP: Outsider

ISTPs are the wanderers (Kristen Stewart is one). Others probably see you as a very self-sufficient, adventurous person, who likes to try new things and never wants to be tied down. You’re handy. If someone is having car trouble or needs help fixing a tech gadget, you’re the one they call. And although you hide much of your internal world from others, you always show up for your friends—and they notice.

ESTP: Charming

It’s hard to not notice you, ESTP. You know how to charm the room, you’re friends with everyone, and you’re always in the center of the action. People would associate you with the “work hard, play hard” mantra. You’re as driven as they come, and you will never miss a great party. In fact, you’re probably at the front of the pack, rallying everyone together.

ISFP: Mysterious

You have a rebel spirit and a big heart (Amber Heard is an ISFP). People often know you as an activist; you’re always representing the issues you believe to be right, no matter what others may say or think. You have a unique but tasteful sense of style and express yourself best through creative mediums. That said, you keep your emotional and personal worlds hidden, which leads others to always wonder about you.

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ENFP: Passionate

ENFPs have a zest for life and a passion for helping others (Ellen Degeneres is an ENFP). You attract a crowd. Everyone wants to talk to you, because you’re both empathetic and quick-witted. You can seem scattered to others at times, but it’s because you often have a million things going on at once. You’re driven to reach major career goals, but many people miss that since you more overtly lead with your passion for people.

INFP: Dreamy

INFPs carry much of their depth beneath the surface. But you are definitely open with others about the things that spill over the edges: love interests you can’t shake, passions you want to pursue, and ways you want to advocate for others. You're seen as a dreamer, but one who is undeniably kind to everyone.

ENFJ: Caring

You spend a lot of your time and energy on making others feel better. You’re always the first to send holiday cards, check in with a friend who’s sick, or plan an event with careful consideration. People see you as driven, organized, enthusiastic, and deeply caring.

INFJ: Distant, but friendly

You love to be around others, and you often do a lot for others, but you also get easily taxed by having people around. Tough life for a natural introvert! People see you as friendly and kind, but also distant—mostly just because you’re socially selective. You also keep much of your internal world to yourself. But you’re observant, which people know by how much your remember about them.

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INTJ: Bright

You are naturally reserved and keep out of the social spotlight, but you’re often lauded for your intellect (Hillary Clinton is an INTJ). When you speak, it’s always to communicate thoughtful and incisive ideas. You choose your friends carefully, so much so that others may find you aloof. But, you know your energy is limited, and you expend it only on those who add a lot to your life.

INTP: Nerdy

You flip a switch between being driven and fully focused on your career to being socially easygoing. While your friends probably see you as a fun, down-for-whatever person with a quirky sense of humor, your colleagues may know you as an independent worker, who's more likely to get lost in a project than show up on time for meetings.

ENTP: Scattered

You have deep spools of knowledge, but you’re also a social enigma. You’re a chameleon, equally able to lead or cruise through life unnoticed. People are always discovering new sides to you. You’re also a great conversationalist because you ask tons of questions and can speak intelligently about seemingly anything. You have many acquaintances who think they’re close friends...but probably only one or two people who know you inside and out, whom you’d call in a crisis.

ENTJ: Charismatic

ENTJs are innovative and charismatic leaders (George Clooney is an ENTJ). You’re driven, which everyone knows about you; you often hold your loved ones to the same high standards you hold yourself, and you motivate them to improve. You’re a great visionary but get impatient with others who might slow your progress. Your bold personality makes others slightly nervous around you, but for you, business is business. You’re more easygoing around your friends, and you like the finer things in life, like travel and wine.

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