This Genius Hack for Packing Liquid Foundation Is Foolproof and Flight-Attendant Approved

Photo: Well+Good Creative
Having your liquid beauty products confiscated in a security line—or worse, discovering that they've leaked or exploded inside your suitcase—isn't the way you want to start your vacation. Neither is carting half your medicine cabinet on a plane (especially if you're trying to live that carry-on only lifestyle).

There is, however, a genius solution for ensuring just the right amount of your liquid foundation, eye cream, and concealer *always* makes it to your final destination: "You can put almost anything in [contact] lens cases,” says Jessica Lehmkuhl, a flight attendant who uses the hack to pack her own beauty products when she's traveling off-duty.

“I’m exempt from normal airport screenings,” she says. “But when I travel personally and not for work, I'll put my foundation in a contact lens case.”

Flight attendant hack for packing liquid foundation for travel
Photo: Well+Good Creative

Lehmkuhl started using this trick four years ago after seeing other people repurposing their own cases that way. On average, she estimates that a full lens case, both the left and right sides, lasts her at least a week. “I don’t use a ton of foundation,” she says. “I combo it with powder foundation, and I use the same amount as you would use putting lotion on my face."

Aside from freeing up more of the limited space in your luggage, being able to BYO-products means being able to replicate your own beauty routine on the road as easily as you can at home. (Read: no unfortunate makeup matching mishaps.) Because while  travel-size natural beauty products do exist, the selection isn't nearly as extensive as, say, a Fenty foundation palette. But hey, here's hoping that changes very soon as inclusivity becomes more mainstream.

For now, try making this hack your new travel buddy. But before you do, Lehmkuhl offers some words of caution: Make sure the lids are screwed on tight so they don’t come undone due to cabin pressure. She also recommends labeling each case so you know what's in them. The flight attendant says this isn't a situation where you want to wing it.

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