How Safe Are Tough Mudder Races?

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A new study on Tough Mudder injuries aims to point out just how many occur at these races, and how unique the injuries are.

Tough Mudder fire obstacle
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HuffingtonPostWith names like Electroshock Therapy, Everest, Fire Walker and Trench Warfare, it's not exactly a secret that Tough Mudder obstacles are designed to rough you up. How could a race billed as "probably the toughest event on the planet" not be challenging?

But after a 28-year-old participant died during an April 2013 Tough Mudder, witnesses and critics questioned the organization's commitment to safety.

Now, a new study aims to point out just how many injuries are occurring at these races—and how unique the injuries are.

Keep reading to learn more the injuries that occur at Tough Mudder events...


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