How to Look (and Feel) Amazing at 40, 50, and Beyond

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Along with being a fashion legend and a longtime proponent of wellness, Norma Kamali is the living definition of ageless beauty. How does she do it? Hint: It's not about Botox and filler. Here, the Well+Good Council member shares her best advice at looking and feeling better (and better... and better!) as the years go on.

So much of the way we look has to do with how we feel about ourselves. If your self-esteem is low, you probably feel negative about how you look. Some women overcompensate for a poor self-image by using artificial means—everything from extreme makeup to waist cinchers. Now, I'm not saying that you should never play and try different things! But if you feel a need to define yourself artificially, there's a deeper issue to tackle before you can feel (and yes, look) your best.

When your attitude is positive, you become more beautiful.

Starting in the head space is an important step toward looking good at any age. How you look all starts with attitude. When yours is positive, you become more beautiful—to yourself and others. A negative attitude has the opposite effect.

Traditionally, there's been a belief that as women age into their 40s and beyond, they are no longer meant to be as fit and beautiful as they were in their 20s and 30s. That's just not the case. Sure, there is truth to not looking the same from decade to decade, but that's not a bad thing. You can't control aging, but you can modify the changes to an extent by being proactive.

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If you want to age gorgeously, here's what's critical for inside and outside health and beauty: fitness, diet, and restful sleep. This is a requirement, not a choice. Start early to make it a habit as natural and practiced as brushing your teeth. As the decades go by, the more aware and committed you need to be. Health for your heart and mind go hand in hand. Diet and exercise do a lot to promote health and fitness and can be tailored for every body type and lifestyle.

The power you feel when you are fit and reaching your goals is priceless.

There's another important part of viewing aging this way:  The power you feel when you are fit and reaching your goals is priceless. This is how you will experience self-love and a healthy self-esteem. No dress, lipstick, or piece of jewelry will ever make you feel as good physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. You won't need a man to love you to feel good about yourself (though when you feel good about yourself, relationships are more likely to happen). Your self-esteem will set forth a positive attitude about everything you do. And this is how your beauty will attract people who don't see your age, but instead connect to your energy and want to be a part of it.

As an entrepreneur and designer, Norma Kamali has always found inspiration for her fashion collections in wellness, beauty, and women’s empowerment. These anchors have fueled her creation of the Stop Objectification movement, which encourages women to celebrate their strength and their bodies.

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