The Mane-Boosting Reason to Apply Dry Shampoo *Before* You Hit the Hay

Photo: Stocksy/Jovo Jovanovic

Dry shampoo is kind of like the fairy dust of every fitness-lover's beauty world. Even after a workout leaves you essentially dripping and gasping for air, a few carefully angled spritzes of the stuff can restore your volume, refresh oil-streaked strands, and (#yasss) give you an excuse to put off your next wash for yet another day. But if you only apply this bottled magic afterhot yoga sesh, you're totally missing out on one strands-boosting hack that's sure to save you tons of time in the a.m.

"Using dry shampoo at night before bed is a great way to prevent the oils from weighing your hair down." — Emily Alders, stylist

According to Pureology stylist Emily Alders, treating your mane with dry shampoo before setting your head on your silk pillowcase to catch some zzz's is basically *the* formula for waking up with luscious locks. "Using dry shampoo at night before bed is a great way to prevent the oils from weighing your hair down," says Alders. After your nightly cleansing and moisturizing ritual, just spray on your go-to post-sweat product "at the root and then use a soft-bristle brush, shaking hair out so it lays above your head in bed," she advises. The next day, you'll awake to effortless-looking bouncy tresses that are ready to be worn loose or styled as desired.

Looking for a little extra volume, or just want to rid you hair of any residual grease? In that case, Alders says a second coat in the morning should do the trick. Day two (or three, or four) hair never looked so good.

Did you know that you can actually replace your dry shampoo with apple cider vinegar? It's true. Here are the other healthy ways to use ACV, the bona-fide wellness workhorse.

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