A Dermatologist’s Hack for Making Your Eye Cream Work Double Duty

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Eye creams are notorious dark circle savers—just ask derms. However, if you're only slathering your go-to formula under your lashline, the rest of your eye area—namely, your lids— may be experiencing FOMO...on collagen (the protein responsible for structuring your skin).

"I believe in putting your eye cream all around your eye, including the eyelid," says New York City-based dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD. Since the layer of skin surrounding your eyes is the thinnest on your entire body, this part of your face is also more prone to aging brought on by the loss of collagen and elastin. "We tend to touch and rub the skin of the eyes more than other areas—especially in those who wear contacts, so this can contribute to stretching of the skin as well," adds the dermatologist. Eye creams, in turn, can help stimulate collagen production, de-puff lids which can get swollen overnight, and may even tighten the skin.

"I believe in putting your eye cream all around your eye, including the eyelid." - Dendy Engelman, MD

Next time you're performing your nightly 20-step skincare routine, Dr. Engelman recommends extending the half moon fingertip motions you'd normally use to apply the cream to your under eyes into full moon-shaped circles. Just don't stray too close to the lashes, or the product might slip into your eyes.

If you still haven't fallen head over heels for an eye cream yet, she recommends trying out the SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair ($102), which offers antioxidant protection with Vitamin A, C, and E, and hyaluronic acid that reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration. Or, if you're looking for a more heavy duty option to help your skin weather winter conditions, she's also a fan of the Elizabeth Arden Intensive Eye Serum ($130), which guards your skin against environmental hazards like pollution. If you notice that you have puffy lids that are the result of a good night's sleep, slather on caffeine-rich 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream ($26) or Beauty Counter Rejuvenating Eye Cream ($60) to help de-puff the area.

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