This Is *Exactly* How Much Foundation to Apply for an Airbrushed Finish

Photo: Getty Images/Hero Images
I'm going to be very honest with you: I think about doing my makeup the exact same way I think about doing my taxes. That is, I'm really just fumbling around in the dark until someone illuminates the beauty secrets of the universe. For one: How to apply foundation and how much (a dime, a dollop, a handful?) I really need to use each day.Celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern says I've really been overthinking the entire process.

Squeezing the "perfect amount" of concealer follows the golden rule of makeup: Less is always more. "I am a big fan of only using foundation where you need it. Start with less. It’s always easier to add than to take away," says Stern. There's no single currency-sized blob that's appropriate, so just start with a teeny-tiny amount and blend more as needed.

"It’s always easier to add than to take away."

To make sure your face is primed and prepped to take on the skin smoothing layer, apply a moisturizer, toner, and primer to get your complexion in the mood for long-lasting makeup. Then, using a makeup brush and/or a beauty blender, begin layering your foundation on bit by bit. “I always apply a light layer of foundation with a foundation brush, like the Sigma Foundation Brush F-60, and then I actually pad it in with the concealer blending brush Kabuki F-70,” celebrity makeup artist Diana Oh previously told Well+Good. “So I apply a light layer and really work it in until the skin absorbs it.”

Once you're satisfied with your tableaux, you can dab concealer onto any zits or scarring, and go about the rest of your glam routine. See? It's not nearly as difficult as filling out a 1040 form.

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