This Is the Ultimate Trick to Avoid Dehydration Forever

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Water bottle plus lip balm is the wellness girl's version of phone, keys, wallet—AKA the two things you want on your person at all times (because hydration is life).

But now the two are becoming an even more iconic duo, thanks to bkr. The brand behind the chic pastel water bottles you see toted by it-girls on Instagram is adding a lip balm—the new bkr Paris Water Balm—to the dreamy collection. Consider it a play on the hydration market, from the inside out.

“We tried every balm and treatment on the market but couldn’t find our cosmetic soulmate: an ultra-hydrating, moisturizing, protecting, nourishing balm that actually improved the quality and condition of our lips,” says Tal Winter, bkr’s founder and CEO. “It had to be clean, but it also had to really work. We knew what we wanted and that it didn’t exist so we decided to make it ourselves.”

“It had to be clean, but it also had to really work."

But what does a water bottle company know about cosmetics, you ask? For Winter and co-founder Kate Cutler, the relationship is obvious and inseperable.

"While hydration is what makes our lips soft, they don’t stay that way if there’s no oil protecting that hydration from evaporating and leaving them dry and flaky," Cutler says. "Conversely, to put oil on top of already dehydrated lips may smooth them, but they will still lack the hydration from within that makes them soft and pretty. That’s the connection–you need both."

bkr lip balm

Formulated with Mediterranean algae, French rose, and 14 other natural plant ingredients for max hydration, Water Balm is REACH compliant (AKA the EU's safety standards that are the strictest in the world), so you can trust your go-to lip-saver is as pure as the filtered water in your reusable water bottle.

Plus, the perfectly pink balm slides on sheer, and is specifically designed to be just tacky enough to give your pout a natural sheen for hours—but not so sticky your hair gets stuck in it (praise hands emoji).

"Every woman we know is tired of digging in her black hole of a purse to find her lip products."

And as if finding the cure to all your hydration-related woes wasn't revolutionary enough, bkr also came up with a solve for the classic "How did I lose my lip balm again?" conundrum by designing the Water Balm to clip into the cap of your bkr bottle.

"Every woman we know is tired of digging in her black hole of a purse to find her lip products," Winter says. "We always need water and lip balm whether we’re on a walk, traveling, or at yoga. We wanted a simple bkr cap engineered to connect our water balm to our bottles so we wouldn’t have to search for our balm ever, ever, ever again." Same.

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