Put the Coffee Down—Here’s How To Energize Your Body Naturally, According to an Expert

Is this you on an average weekday morning? Wake up in a haze, shuffle to the coffee maker, guzzle multiple cups while beginning your daily tasks on autopilot, and eventually resume normal human function by lunchtime.

We've all had mornings when we feel more like zombies than the best versions of ourselves. But, when your calendar is filled with meetings, workouts, and generally trying to be a productive member of society, being present is necessary.

So, why does your body decide to feel half-human one day and then totally fine the next? DJ Blatner, RD and author of The Superfood Swap explains: "How 'energized' we feel relates to our lifestyle routines including sleep, exercise, stress, hydration, and quality of our diet. Healthy lifestyle routines help all of our body systems work better, which leads to feeling recharged, motivated, and awake."

Moral of the story: There's a lot going on behind the scenes causing you to experience these energy dips. To help keep your eyes open (all day), we asked Blatner to share her top tips for naturally supporting your energy levels, as well as suggestions for clean, high-quality NOW® supplements that'll take you straight from zombie to productive adult.

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Even if you do your best to eat a relatively healthy diet, if you're not consuming the right "fuel mix," as Blatner calls it, you can still experience sluggishness. "An energizing fuel mix is about 25 percent of your plate whole grains or potatoes plus 25 percent protein (animal or plant) plus 50 percent colorful produce, and a topping of healthy fat." Copy and paste this as your new energy-supporting meal-prep guide.

The other key to balancing your energy is to make sure you're steadily eating throughout the day. (If you've ever skipped lunch and felt like your day lasted a thousand years, you get it). Blatner recommends eating three meals a day to keep your blood sugar steady.

Another energizing tip: Using topical peppermint essential oils, which Blatner says have an invigorating scent that may help you feel more alert. If you keep NOW® Organic Peppermint Oil Roll-On on hand, you can swipe some on, take a breath, and begin to feel more awake when you feel a crash coming on.

Some people have the gift of leaping out of bed before their alarm like the morning people we all wish we could be. But if that's not you (literally no shame), there's a pretty simple solution that can help. "Getting quality sleep is basically like a computer reboot button so you are able to feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the day." Your reboot will just take slightly longer than your computer's (i.e. eight hours or more).

If you like to start your days with a sweat sesh (taking notes from the productivity masters we know), it can sometimes still leave you with half-a-tank to work with for the remainder of the day—unless you refuel properly. NOW® Sports Effer-Energy contains a blend of electrolytes to help replenish any lost during your workout, according to Blatner.*

On the days you can't shake your drowsiness no matter how many burpees you do, NOW® Sports B-12 Energy Boost Sticks come in handy. Vitamin B-12 helps to support a healthy nervous system, which can help you feel more alert and focused throughout the day, says Blatner.* Your personal reset goal? Sleep like it's your job—then bring in reinforcements when you need them.

This is an important PSA from your friendly neighborhood dietitian: Drink caffeine responsibly. Though it sometimes gets a bad rap from the wellness crowd, caffeine in certain amounts and at the right time of day is a perfectly healthy way to support your energy, Blatner says. "However, if it’s abused in large amounts all through the day, it can cause energy spikes and crashes, and ultimately lead to chronic tiredness." (*Slowly sets down third cup of coffee*)

It's time to tap into your matcha latte obsession, because NOW® Real Tea Organic Matcha happens to be a natural energy booster that contains half the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, Blatner says. "Matcha also has a compound called L-theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that may provide a counterbalance for caffeine." That means you can load up on caffeine and still feel ready for shut-eye once bedtime rolls around. Now you can wave goodbye to your zombie alter ego for good.

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