These Are the Immune-Boosting Supplements to Take As the Seasons Change, According to a Nutritionist

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Dressing for transitional weather is already tough (jacket in the morning, tank top by afternoon), but preparing your immune system for the seasonal shift is a whole other story.

"With the change of seasons, there is an uptick of changing pollens and other allergens," explains Melissa Rifkin, MS, CDN, and owner of Melissa Rifkin Nutrition LLC. "These allergens can irritate the lungs and nasal passages therefore leaving one more vulnerable to get a cold or virus."

In order to maintain optimal health during seasonal changes, Rifkin suggests staying hydrated, clocking seven to nine hours of sleep a night, decreasing stress levels, and washing your hands often. But, there's one more piece of this immune-boosting puzzle: Supplements, like the ones from NOW®, which can help you get the right doses of immunity-supporting nutrients so you can feel your healthiest self all year long.

And those seasonal wardrobe swaps you're making? You should be doing the same thing with your vitamin and supplement regimen. "Using supplements to strengthen your immune system could help [...] keep you healthy," Rifkin adds. So while you're switching over your closet, make some room in your medicine cabinet, too. Here's what to add.

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Not-your-average vitamin C

If the first thing you do when you start feeling under the weather is run to the grocery store for orange juice, you're probably not surprised that the first supplement on the list is vitamin C, which helps support cellular function in the immune system, according to Rifkin.*

In addition to containing ample amounts of vitamin C from acerola (a South American fruit with one of the highest natural concentrations of vitamin C), NOW® Tru-C Veg Capsules "also contain carotenoids and flavonoids, which are phytonutrients that give fruits and vegetables their colors," Rifkin says. "These phytonutrients give the body antioxidants and can assist vitamin C in strengthening immune health."* Told you it wasn't average.

Probiotics, but for your immune system*

You might be wondering what a probiotic has to do with your immune system (aren't those just for gut health?), but your microbiome could actually have a bigger impact on your overall health than you might think.* And that's where NOW® Respiratory Care Probiotic comes in.

L. acidophilus, the probiotic strain used in this supplement, has been associated with seasonal wellness, according to Rifkin.* And science backs her up: Over 60 studies have shown L. acidophilus NCFM® supports a strong immune response to seasonal respiratory issues.* It's a win-win for your digestive system and your (not) stuffed-up nose.*

Herbs on herbs

The finishing touch to your immune-boosting supplement routine is NOW® AlliBiotic, which contains a mix of herbs that have been used for hundreds of years to strengthen the immune system, Rifkin says.*

Within this botanical formula is olive leaf extract, elderberry, oregano oil, and garlic (no, it's not just a Halloween thing). Garlic: Now your go-to for warding off vampires, bad dates, and seasonal struggles.*

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