This Is Your Complete Guide to Caring for Curls This Winter

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Any girl with waves or curls knows that hair is a delicate ecosystem. One wrong move and suddenly thirsty curls go frizzy, overly coated curls go limp, and waves go wrong. It’s why all curly girls have preferred product combinations, water temperatures, care regimens, and climate conditions. I, myself, have considered packing up my life in search of the ideal climate for my hair

Since a change of zipcodes (or coasts) isn't in the cards, I instead turned to Kattia Solano, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York, to get the 411 on how to best to care for curls. “Winter is harder on hair because there is less moisture in the air,” she confirms. “Cold weather dries out the hair and dry heat has no moisture, which makes curly hair limp and textured hair more brittle.” Here, her advice on how to work with your curls until the weather outside warms up.

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Switch up your products 

According to Solano, it’s a good idea to change your product game when the mercury starts to dip. “Always have two different types of shampoo that address different issues, like one that treats dry scalp and another for lack of moisture,” she recommends. “I always say step it up with products that have more moisturizing ingredients in the colder months.” Solano also advocates for heavier serums and oils like Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil ($69), a stylist favorite which can be used as a leave-in, styling aid, or a pre-shampoo treatment.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Thirsty curls are rebellious curls. Solano advises at-home moisture masks, oil treatments, and deep conditioning treatments (even at the gym). No gym plans in your future? Slather on a treatment and throw a shower cap over it while you binge your favorite 30-minute show. Rinse through when it’s finished.

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Mind your fabrics 

Coarse fabrics can snag the cuticle of your curl, causing damage and frizz. This means stay away from wool hats.  Solano recommends head gear in softer fabrics like cashmere or mohair, and also recommends using a microfiber towel such as Aquis Lisse Luxe Towel ($30), which are softer and gentler on the hair. Mainstays like using a satin pillowcase will also help with breakage and preserving your style between shampoos.

Avoid hat head

Most of us need some kind of head coverage during an arctic blast, but we dread hat hair. Solano has the cure. “I recommend gently pinning your hair up in a loose top knot under the hat that you can take down once you remove it," she says. Those with kinkier and curlier textures can create a few loose knots, while those with waves, should opt for a loose braid to mimic the hair's natural texture.

Just add water

Finally, even the most diligent efforts can result in an outbreak of frizz. In which case, Solano advises getting the hair wet again. “Keep a small spray bottle mixed with water and your favorite hair oil in your purse," she says. "Travel-sizes are compact and great for on-the-go.”

Curls aren't the only thing in need of TLC this winter—your skin does too. Here are the moisturizers that are lighter than air but also great for cool temps and these are exfoliating facial masks to revive winter skin. 

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