Makeup Artists Say the ‘Rule of 3’ Ensures You’ll Choose the Perfect Under-Eye Concealer Every Time

Beauty routine. A woman appying a concealer to her skin
Not to keep adding to your Sephora shopping list, but if you're using the same concealer for acne/redness and your under-eye area, makeup artists have news for you: If you've got under-eye circles, you may want to invest in a second shade.

Dark circles show up due to a number of different factors including age and thinning skin, allergies, dehydration, sun damage, smoking, or plain old lack of sleep. And if you want to cover yours up (though, you do you!), it's important to opt for the proper formula. “You actually do need a different under-eye concealer to brighten and add dimension to your face,” says Taylor Haupt, San Diego-based makeup artist. “This means you’ll have two concealers in your makeup kit — but the results are worth it.”

While pros recommend choosing a concealer that's as close to your skin tone as possible for covering up blemishes and the like, figuring out what to use under your eyes is an entirely different ballgame. Keep scrolling for tips on how to select your best fit.

1. Go Light

Instead of thinking about "hiding" dark circles, instead think about "brightening" them. This, says Haupt, means that you'll want to opt for a lighter concealer shade than what you'd typically use on your complexion. “I prefer to go one to two shades lighter (at most) than the foundation color for the under eye region,” she says. “This way, the concealer is brightening, but not obviously different from the rest of the face.”

2. Get Warm

To aid in this brightening process, you'll want to look to your undertones for guidance. Typically, with an under-eye concealer, this means opting for a product with more of a golden, yellow, or peachy hue to counterbalance the purplish tones of dark circles.

3. Hydrate

In addition to choosing the right shade, Haupt says it's also important to consider formulation. "The type of concealer makes a big difference as well," she says.  “For under the eyes, you will want something more lightweight and hydrating than what you would use on your face.” This is because the skin under your eyes can look creepy thanks to its delicate nature, and a matte or drying concealer may exacerbate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and natural oils, which will ensure that the formula nourishes your complexion while also doing its job as a concealer.

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