Have Fitness Goals to Crush? Here’s the Type of Yoga That Can Help You Do It

Photo: Stocksy/Julia Volk
What I love most about yoga as a practice is that it's so diverse—if you want to relax and destress, there's a specific class (or genre of class) for that. The same is true if you'd prefer to sweat, tone, improve your endurance, and more. (Certain yoga poses will even make you a better lover, *blush*.)

Below, pro yogis weigh in on which types of yoga best suits various fitness goals so you can utilize the practice not just to boost your brain health and show off your leggings collection but also to optimize your performance—whatever that means for you. Click through to find out which type of yoga is right for you based on your needs.

Want to intensify your yoga practice? Try this Kate Hudson-approved trick. Need to modify instead? Here's your guide, plus tips for alleviating wrist, back, and other joint pain.

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