How To Properly Clean Your TV Screen Without Damaging It

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Have you ever been cozied up on the couch or in bed, streaming your favorite show, only to realize that there are major smears across your dusty TV screen? Yep, we’ve all been there at some point or another. As such, we’ve all also likely stood in front of our TV wondering how to wipe it down. With that in mind, we chatted with cleaning expert and COO at The Cleaning Authority Leanne Stapf to learn how to clean a TV screen once and for all. Keep reading for her top tips.

The Best Way To Clean a TV Screen

Even if you use ultra-soft Viva Signature Cloth Paper Towels—which are literally designed to perform like cloth—like I do, Stapf says it’s best to use a reusable microfiber cloth when cleaning a TV, as they can gently dust away any particles on the screen while also getting rid of fingerprints.

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  • Leanne Stapf, COO , Leanne Stapf is the COO of The Cleaning Authority, a cleaning service based in North Virginia.

“Microfibers avoid scratching the screen when cleaning and don’t leave any lint behind,” she explains. “Other cloths or towels, such as paper towels or rags, are too harsh, leaving behind scratches that can distort the quality of the screen.”

When cleaning your TV, boring as it may be, don’t rush it. “It’s best to move the cloth gently and slowly in an up-and-down or left-to-right movement,” Stapf says. “Circular motions could leave whorl marks on the screen.”

Can I use Windex to clean my TV screen?

While dry microfiber towels can work well to dislodge dust and light fingerprints, there are definitely times when smudges and smears need a little extra TLC to work out. Although TVs have glass screens, Stapf emphasizes not reaching for Windex when cleaning your TV.

“Cleaning products such as Windex may contain harsh chemicals which can be damaging to the screen,” she says. “With the sensitivity of the latest screen technology, a dry method of cleaning would be best.”

What should I use to clean my TV screen?

If you still need a little extra smear-disappearing action, it doesn’t hurt to stock your cleaning cabinet with a laptop screen cleaner, like Insignia Screen Cleaner, WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit, or EVEO Screen Cleaner Spray— all of which come with microfiber cloths.

When cleaning your TV, Stapf says that it’s important to not oversaturate your screen. The best way to do so is to spritz the cleanser into the cloth and then wipe the screen clean. “Do not spray the water directly on the screen,” she emphasizes.

And remember…

Most TVs come with cleaning instructions. As such, it’s always a good idea to read the pamphlet that comes with your new screen so that you know if it has any features that may not fare well with a spray cleanse. Generally speaking, dry wipe-downs are always fair game.



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