This $6 Tool Is the Only Thing You Need to Clean Your Airpods Like a Pro

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Properly cleaning your AirPods is a true struggle. It's far too easy for dirt, germs, and—let's be honest—earwax to get caught in all the nooks and crannies. They're too small to clean with just your finger. Even trying to use Q-tips can make things worse, potentially causing all that grime to get packed in tighter. Luckily, there's a super affordable tool that's going to make your life much easier.

I didn't know I needed a cleaning brush for my electronics, but now I don't want to go another day without it. The OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush ($6) is made to clean hard-to-reach areas with soft silicone bristles and a slim wiper blade that allow you to access even the tightest crevices. With these two tools, nothing—not all the grime in the world—can keep you from jamming out to your favorite Lizzo song at full-volume during your workouts. (Just don't blast it too loudly, okay?)

good grips electronics cleaning brush how to clean air pods

While many people use the tool to clean the dust, debris, and leftover crumbs from lunch between the keys on a keyboard, reviewers also rave about its ability to clean your AirPods. The tool is gentle enough to get rid of any built-up gunk without damaging the pricey product. It also keeps you from trying to clean the speakers with a toothpick or bobby pin—two things that will undoubtedly ruin your earbuds.

To get your AirPods as clean and polished as the day you bought them, Prime yourself this trusty electronic cleaning brush and follow the cleaning instructions below.

Here's how to clean your AirPods like a pro

  1. Retract the soft brush side of your electronics cleaning brush to swipe away any loose dirt and debris.
  2. Use the silicone tip to gently clean wax and other build-up around the speaker and microphone meshes.
  3. If necessary, use the soft brush again to get rid of any leftover debris from cleaning.
  4. Wipe your AirPods down with a microfiber cloth. Apple says you can slightly dampen a cloth with fresh water, but make sure to avoid getting liquid in any of the openings.

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