I Tried This Stylist-Approved Trick for Figuring Out *Exactly* Which Hair Products I Should Be Using

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Confession time: I don't think I've ever used the same shampoo and conditioner twice. In the past, the hair products I use have been a combo of what I've found around the offices I've worked at and those I've picked up at the drugstore based on whichever bottle catches my attention first (kind of like my wine-buying habits).

It's not that I don't care about my hair. I love reading beauty deep dives (especially on Well+Good, because duh) and I try to avoid washing my hair every day or heat treating it too often, though that might have a bit more to do with laziness rather than my #beautygoals.

It's mostly just that I've always had more or less fine results, and haven't ever taken the time to find hair-care solutions that really make my hair shine. But the opportunity to change all that—and finally learn how to create a hair-care routine—arrived when I discovered the aptly named Hair.com.

how to create a hair-care routine

"Hair.com brings together top knowledge from the industry’s best talents through product reviews, tutorials, and inspiration," says Laurie Lam, vice president, e-commerce at Hair.com. "Clients can now discover advice through articles and videos to help maintain their hair between visits to the salon."

"Hair.com brings together top knowledge from the industry’s best talents—through product reviews, tutorials, and inspiration."

After scouring the content—apparently, the thicker and longer your hair, the less you need to get it cut (*cue feeling instantly justified*) and hyaluronic acid also has hair benefits—I tried out the new Shop with a Stylist feature, which connected me with celebrity stylist Ryan Pearl. I was immediately able to browse his tried-and-true products to learn exactly how to create a hair-care routine for my specific mane.

One of the hardest things about shopping for your hair care is finding products that actually work and are vetted by professionals. With Shop With A Stylist, you can connect with real hairstylists across the country, find top, coveted professional hair brands (hey, Redken, Kérastase and Matrix), and score 10 percent off any products a stylist recommends (on that note, see more of Pearl’s picks here).

After reading though some of Ryan’s tips on Hair.com, I reached out to learn more straight from the expert himself. In a nutshell, I told him my hair is straight-ish, thick, light brown, and not color treated, and I wanted advice on heat treating my hair, sans damage.

"Just because it’s not color-treated doesn’t mean you can’t use color protection products," Pearl says. "I actually recommend that you do." (Mind blown.) He also recommended using Redken Iron Silk 07 before using any hot tools, and Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Leave-In before blow-drying.

how to create a hair-care routine

Pearl also had some general hair knowledge to pass along. As for the mistakes he frequently sees: Using heat without a heat protector, getting hair colored too often, and tying hair up in a ponytail when it’s very wet (guilty, not guilty, verrrry guilty).

As for things to do, he recommends cooling down the shower water when you're washing your hair. (Though derms also recommend less-than-scorching temps to prevent drying out your skin, so maybe just cool it altogether.) And, he says to always wet your hair with tap water before and after jumping in a pool or ocean.

Okay, BRB, stocking up on my new stylist-approved regimen, making sure my hair isn't sopping when I pull it up out of my face, and swearing off too-hot showers forever. Wish me luck in my new endeavors, and if you need specific hair advice, well, you know where to go.

Shop with a stylist now to score 10 percent off salon-tested, stylist-approved products from leading brands. (Psst: You'll get free shipping and complimentary shampoo samples, too.)

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