This Redditor’s Pomegranate-Cutting Hack Is Totally Mesmerizing

Photo: Stocksy/Jeff Wasserman
Remember the Instagrams of the guy who carved actual masterpieces into produce? (Meanwhile everyone else is still trying to figure out how to take out the damn avocado seed.) Viral food art is typically beautiful, yet totally unhelpful in everyday life. Are you really going to try your hand at carving a pair of peacocks into a melon? No, probably not. But there's a fruit-cutting moment happening right now that will actually make your life easier.

Reddit user TheBuddaJoe (perhaps the more worldly cousin of The Average Joe?) posted a 40-second video in the r/oddlysatisfying thread of a guy cutting a pomegranate in the most beautiful way, while creating perfect slices at the same time. While the commenters were mostly impressed that he didn't get any red juice on his white tee, his knife skills are the thing you'll want to incorporate into your regular pomegranate-eating life.

His trick: Cutting the top off (like when you cut a pumpkin), removing the top, and then cutting along the nature-made slice dividers. Then, you can just pull that baby open, and bam—gorgeous and ready-to-eat. Click here (or the headline below) to watch the magic.

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Impressive, right? Now let's see if this guy knows his way around a pineapple.

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