Yes, You Actually *Can* Cut Your Own Bangs—Here’s How

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"Should I get bangs?" It's one of those questions that seems to pop up every few years when you're looking for a change. Then come the polls: friends, family, and colleagues must weigh in, as the pendulum swings back and forth until you finally find your answer.

If you go with choice A—to get bangs—the next decision is all about how you go about getting them. The obvious choice is simply to make an appointment at a salon, but, for the bold and daring, you may consider performing the feat yourself. It's just taking a small section of your hair and snipping, after all—right?

While the thought of cutting your own bangs can make some people cringe, with the right advice on-hand, you're certainly capable of executing the style yourself—but that doesn't mean it's going to be that easy. "To cut your own bangs or not to cut your own bangs... it's the age-old question," says Brooke Jordan, owner and master stylist at Brooklyn's Bird House salon. "It seems like such a simple thing, and it can be, but it can also be disastrous."

All of the hairdressers I spoke with say to go to a professional if at all possible because it can be a tricky skill to master. "Even as a hairdresser, I prefer for another person to cut my bangs," says Jordan "To cut a good bang actually takes a lot of strategy and technique—evaluating face shape, considering length, and creating movement and texture," she says. "But if you're going to do it anyway, you need to be prepared." If you're taking the leap and ready to go, scissors in hand, keep scrolling for stylist-approved tips for cutting your own bangs. Here's what to know.

how to cut your own bangs
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How to cut your own bangs

1. Center your hair: "Bring everything to the center so that the hair closest to your hair line is over directed to the middle," says hair stylist Kirsten Patterson.

2. Dampen strands: "Make the first cut wet in order to watch your lines," says Jordan.

3. Watch the length: "Start by keeping them much longer than you plan to go so that you have room for error," says Jordan.

4. Snip at the right angle: "Cut the hair with your scissors parallel to the hair, meaning vertically with an ever-so-slight angle," says Patterson. "This will keep your line soft and not blunt."

5. Dry it out: "Blow dry your bangs and finish cutting them to the length you want them when they're dry," says Jordan. Patterson also notes that this means they won't shrink up.

6. Use a twisting method: "Try twisting your hair before you cut," recommends Jordan. "You'll end up with nice, rounded ends."

7. Add texture: "As a final touch, snip lightly into the bangs vertically to add texture," says Jordan.

Oh, and curly bangs are the latest hair trend, so go for it. And this is how to style bangs without heat damage. 

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