How to Use Crystal Grids to Maximize Positive Energy in Your Home

Photo: Maha Rose
If you've scrolled through the more spiritually-minded corners of Instagram lately, you've likely come across at least one intricately designed pattern of crystals known as a grid. According to those in the know, these pieces of high-vibe home art can bring all kinds of good vibes to you and your abode.

Never heard of them before? "A crystal grid is when you take different [stones] and set them up to help focus [their] energies for a specific intention,” says crystal expert Sadie Kadlec, who teaches and practices at Maha Rose Wellness Center in Brooklyn. “You’re magnifying the energetic properties of [the crystals], and getting them to work together in a synergistic way.

But, if you've ever tried to create one yourself, you've likely come to realize that it's as complex as it looks—from finding the right shape and crystals based on your intentions to the “activation." Before you give up on the good vibes, though, try these easy tips from Kadlec. Her four-step guide for how to do crystal grids is below.

How to do crystal grids in 4 easy steps
Photo: Maha Rose

Step 1: Set your intention

The first thing to do is determine the reason behind why you're making a grid. Possible purposes could include abundance, love, or even acing a tough test. To help her deal with current events Kadelac's creating a grid with the following intention in mind: “Having courage to do what I feel is right and to speak up at a time we’re all being asked to be more courageous in our lives and not shrink.”

Step 2: Pick a grid shape

Many of the grids on Instagram are massive, but a grid could also be a simple circle or square. “All these shapes carry a different energy,” explains Kadlec. According to her, triangles tap into simplicity and structure. Squares help with boundaries, while spirals are about reaching out and expanding. “The grid that's really powerful for courage is a circle shape,” she says, which represents belonging, oneness, and protection. “I like to place a grid in locations that I know I'll see them,” she adds and suggests placing yours near plants or by windows to receive solar and lunar energies.

How to do crystal grids in 4 easy steps
Photo: Maha Rose

Step 3: Choose your stones

You’ll want to choose crystals that have the properties that coincide with your intention. “I'm choosing a grid to help me tap into my own well of courage, so I would choose stones that would help me reach that place,” Kadlec says. These include stones like kyanite to help with communication, heart chakra stones like rose quartz and malachite for self-compassion and self-acceptance, prehnite to call in spirit guides, and amazonite around the edge for universal love.

You don’t have to go broke buying crystals though. She suggests using what you have, even including elements of nature like flower petals or popcorn kernels if they coincide with your intention. “Maybe you have some special items that you found like some seashells or really just any special trinkets that mean something to you,” she says. Those can stand in for stones and add even deeper meaning to your grid because of their personal connection to you.

Step 4: Activate your grid by using your voice

“Once I have my grid in place,” Kadlec says, “I activate it with my intention.” This means speaking the intention aloud so that the universe knows you're serious. For Kadlec’s grid, she would say something like, “I have created this grid to help inspire connection to my courage, to lift my voice, when I have a tendency to shrink.”

Each time you pass your grid, you can hold your hand to your heart and solar plexus, and remind yourself of its purpose. “Crystals are from the earth,” Kadlec says. “They’re healing. They’re supportive. They’re there for you. We’re walking on them all the time. They’re with us in our cell phones and our computers. We don’t realize they’re so prevalent in our lives already.”

Because of this, crystal grids are one DIY way to amplify their energy healing properties in your home where there's no such thing as too many good vibes.

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