This Multitasking Move Spikes Your Heart Rate and Works Nearly Every Muscle in Your Legs

Lunges are the All Too Well of the fitness world—the original is amazing on its own, and there are many different variations (Taylor's Version, 10-Minute Version, Sad Girl Autumn Version, etc) that are even better. Such is the case with this classic workout move. It's great on its own, but different variations enhance it. You've got your reverse lunges, curtsy lunges, lateral lunges... the list goes on.

Experts In This Article

In this episode of The Right Way, Simone de la Rue, founder of Body By Simone, takes your standard lateral lunge and punches it up by adding a hop. "Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite moves to elevate your heart rate," she says. "It works the outer thigh, the inner thigh, the quad, the hamstring, and the glute, and it gets your heart rate up. So it's a great multitasking exercise."

Press play to see learn how to do a lateral lunge with a hop, and follow along below.

How to do a lateral lunge with a hop:

1. Start in a standing position. Take a big lateral step out to the side with your right foot.

2. Bend your right knee as your shift your weight to your right foot and lower down into a lateral lunge. Make sure your knees are over your ankle and both feet are parallel. Your left leg should be straight.

3. From your lateral lunge, fire through your quads and hamstrings to explosively hop back in and drive your right knee toward your chest, jumping straight up. At the same time, punch your opposite hand straight up toward the ceiling.

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