There Are Over 12 Million Eyeliner Videos on Youtube, but This Is the Only One You Need

Photo: Stocksy/Victor Torres
Doing non-fancy everyday eyeliner can be hard enough (to fill in the waterline, or to not fill in the waterline?). Then, when you want to rock an Adele-worthy cat eye for that holiday party, you end up with one of three scenarios: A) a very red, irritated, and swollen eye area from one too many re-dos, B) two wings that are definitely more long-lost cousins than twins, or C) you throw down your liner in frustration, put on your PJs, and skip the party altogether. Well, not this year.

If you search "eyeliner" on YouTube, you're served up over 12 million videos that promise to up your skills—but there's only one you actually need. A couple years ago, beauty guru Sylvia Gani posted an eight-minute-long video dedicated to hacks for getting flawless winged liner every single time. With 3.5-plus million views and 108,000 thumbs-ups—not to mention thousands of comments thanking her—it's safe to say it gets the job done.

During the video, Gani breaks down 12 different techniques that make use of whatever type of eyeliner is already in your makeup bag—gel, felt-tip, pencil, you name it. And get this: There's a much-needed section that focuses on how to make your wings identical on both sides. I only wish I had found this years ago (I could have saved so. much. money. on makeup remover).

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