Jennifer Garner’s Lesson in Drying Herbs Just Spiced up My Life

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Everyone needs a hobby. For me, it's doing my best to be a good #plantmom. And for Jennifer Garner, according to a recent Instagram post, it's drying herbs to use in everyday recipes and home decor.

As the host of  #PretendCookingShow, it's only natural that Garner dries her own herbs, however "late to the party" she may be. The herbs come from Garner's own garden, which makes her feel like Caroline "Ma" Ingalls. (That's Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother, for anyone who didn't read or watch Little House on the Prairie, in which case: What are you waiting for?)

"Drying herbs is so easy and so great," Garner writes. "I must urge you to plant extra, because once you start, you'll only wish for more. Your pizza crackers will thank you."

Garner has three favorites: rosemary, thyme, and oregano. Her method of preparing them is simple, too. After cutting some bunches of the fresh sprigs, she wraps the end of each with twine and hangs them up on a hook in her home to dry. Two weeks later the rosemary and thyme will be ready for use. Oregano, on the other hand, can take four to six weeks to completely dry out.

Rosemary is a prime inflammation-fighter and can help improve brain health and combat bacterial infections; oregano (particularly in oil-form) has antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that support your immune system; and thyme can help with everything from gas and indigestion to sore throats.

Well, I think I've found a new hobby.

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