8 Strategies to Clean up Your Coffee Table Using Feng Shui

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Sometimes, the desire for a change in scenery necessitates an impromptu flight to Europe; other times, it just calls for a room revamp. There's no pocket of your home better to start with than your coffee table. While it's often mistreated as a catch-all for electronics, mail, old magazines, and stray beauty products (just to name a few) this focal point has tremendous potential within your living room.

"You should think of your coffee table as the center of gravity in your living room."

As Dana Claudat, founder of The Tao of Dana and author of Feng Shui 101: A Guide To Finding Your Flow To Fabulous puts it: "You should think of your coffee table as the center of gravity in your living room."

No matter if you're starting from scratch or working with what you've got, there are simple solutions to bring positive energy to this important piece of furniture. "If you're in the market for a new one, think of using heavier materials, such as earthy (marble or stone) tops and smoother edges to make it inviting," she advises. If you're starting with something that doesn't fit that bill, you can still add grounding elements by incorporating her tips from below.

Find out how to feng shui your coffee table is 8 simple steps.

1. Keep it clean
"The coffee table is the immediate focal point of a room when you're seated," Claudat says. If it's messy or has become the defacto junk drawer for your space, the room can begin to look a little off and feel stagnant. "A clear space also creates more of a welcoming vibe for you and for guests," she adds.

2. It shouldn't be empty
"Balance the idea of minimalism with personality," Claudat suggests. "It's yin and yang." In other words: You don't want every inch to be taken up by something resting on it, but tokens of self-expression are important.

"A clear space also creates more of a welcoming vibe."

3. Only display useful books
"Coffee table books can become clutter if you never open them," she says. "Only stack the ones that you will use for inspiration."

4. Rock steady
Energize the room with crystals. Claudat suggests, "trying amethyst to amplify the room's energy, spiriting quartz if you need a dose of sparkle, or using pyrite to bring about magnetic feelings of abundance."

5. Burn a non-toxic aromatherapy candle
"You want to be able to easily use everything on your coffee table so your experience has flow," she says. To be able to easily light your candles, place a bowl of matches or a lighter near them on the table.

6. Don't forget the greenery
Plants give any room a little lifeblood. "Small succulents, air plants, or other sturdy greens can provide a dose of energized earth," she says. Keep in mind that flowers can add a lovely positive energy to a space, as well, but only when they're fresh.

"You want to be able to easily use everything on your coffee table."

7. Mind your bric a brac
"If you need space for a remote, keys, magazines, or an iPad, a beautiful tray or flip-top box can keep them placed purposefully," she suggests. This isn't, however, an open call to store everything here, so be mindful of what you collect here.

8. Rein in the colors
"If you have wild color all over your coffee table, the room can feel too active and less grounded," explains Claudat. Instead, pick a color or two to accessorize with and let those be the focus.

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