How to Find the Right Cleanse for You

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Maybe your Netflix binges have also veered into "three kinds of goat cheese" binges. Maybe you're feeling chained to your coffee habit. Or maybe you just feel like it's time for a checkup for your insides. Whatever the reason, you've decided it's time for a cleanse.

Except, with all of the options on the market, you have no idea where to start. Does this one have too much sugar? Not enough protein? What about vitamin C?

The OG on the detox scene, BluePrint®, makes things simple. Long a go-to for Well+Good editors, the brand pioneered many of the gut-clearing methods replicated elsewhere—and offers up super-succinct (and helpful) recommendations for your plant-based Rx. Plus, all of the juicing bases are covered: certified-organic, non-GMO, and cold-pressed.

We're breaking down the brand's classic cleanses (which include six juices per day, for your desired length of cleanse) for a foolproof field guide to your next digestion reboot.

Scroll down for four plans designed to energize everyone from the beginner to the seasoned pro—plus, advice on which one is right for you.

Photo: BluePrint®

For the juicing newbie: Renovation, starting at $65

This beginner's course goes easy on your tastebuds with three fruit-based sips to balance out two kale-heavy blends (lightly sweetened with apple and lemon). You'll also score a Cashew Blueberry Boom, with 8 grams of protein and four times the recommended daily amount of vitamin C per serving. (Psst: The comforting nut milk comes in all four cleanses.)

Photo: BluePrintCleanse®
Photo: BluePrint®

For the detox sophomore: Foundation, starting at $65

So it's not your first time at the juicing rodeo (more like your second). And this go-round, you're swapping out the crisp beet juice from the Renovation Cleanse™ for a green juice instead. With three produce-packed elixirs in all, you'll load up on alkalizing romaine, spinach, parsley, and cucumber, which are designed to flush out your system.

Photo: BluePrintCleanse®
Photo: BluePrint®

For the seasoned juicer: Excavation Cleanse, starting at $65

This one—you guessed it—ups the green-juice quota to four, knocking out the pineapple-mint sip included in the first two cleanses. The idea is to take solid food out of the equation, so energy that's usually designated for breaking down your go-to meals can be rerouted to other restorative functions. Cleansing converts (check out the reviews for all the BluePrint® cleanses on the site) report better sleep, supercharged energy, and glowing skin.

Photo: BluePrintCleanse®
Photo: BluePrint®

For the low-sugar warrior: Inspiration Cleanse, starting at $65

If low-sugar is your priority, you're covered with this greens-heavy cleanse that relies on lemon for a hint of sweetness. Two ingredients you'll find here only: Detoxifying dandelion and calcium-rich watercress. As the highest-level cleanse (described on the brand's website as "no joke"), this one is for serious juicing pros. Cheers to that—with a green juice.

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