Here’s How to Have Perfectly Flushed Lips All Winter Long

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Like cashmere sweaters and bone broth as a breakfast food, chapped lips are an inevitable part of the winter season. And while the dried-out and flaky aspects aren't exactly ideal, you have to admit that the flushed effect that comes along with cooler temperatures is pretty gorgeous.

Thankfully, there are ways to mimic Mother Nature's cold-weather flush without feeling the burn. "The natural way to achieve healthy flushed lips is to drink lots of fluid," says Jennifer White, founder of One Over One Makeup. "Additionally, sun exposure can cause excess melanin production, which can darken lips." So, by guarding against the sun (even in the winter months) and drinking water, you can help your pout to look (and feel) better this season.

To help keep lips smooth and with an ever-present hint of tint, White breaks down your lip-care plan for the rest of the winter.

Keep scrolling for ways to get flushed, well-hydrated lips.

lemon water
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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Add "lip health" to the list of a zillion reasons why it's extra important to stay hydrated. "It is so easy to skip the water in winter, as we aren’t sweating it out under the hot sun, but the reality is that hot air [from radiators and heaters] sucks moisture from our homes and bodies," says White. While applying products topically can help, she also advises sipping extra water, as well. To spruce up your H2O in the chillier months, she suggests sipping on warm water with herbs, lemon, and spices.

Sugar scrub
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Get scrubbing

Consider brushing your lips with a dry toothbrush to help slough off flakes. "[This] can help to exfoliate and to loosen dead skin on your lips," says White. If you need a heavier-duty exfoliator, you can DIY a gentle scrub with coconut oil and sugar, which will condition your lips as it sloughs off any loose skin.

Lip oil
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Try a lip oil

After you scrub, it's time to oil up to enhance your natural lip shade. "Lip oils add a nice natural finish that looks like you’re wearing a layer of glossy balm," White says. The One Over One lip oils are super hydrating so you won't end up with any dryness, dullness, or painful chapping. How do they work? Oil creates an occlusive barrier that helps to trap moisture into skin, so that lips stay as plump as possible with a hint of sheen.

DIY lip stain
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DIY your own stain

Once the oil has soaked in to condition lips, it's time for the finishing touch. But forget the makeup—you may already have everything you need for a lip stain in your pantry. White suggests making a soft pink hue by crushing rose petals or grated beets into an oil and then applying it to your lips. Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes and then wipe it off to uncover a perfect winter flush.

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