There Are 52 Million Mascara Videos on Google, but This Is the Only One You Need

Photo: Getty Images/Westend61
Any time I'm talking to someone who has incredibly enviable, mile-long lashes, I can't help but wonder what their secret is. Especially because no mascara I've ever brought home has gotten me on that level. But maybe it's not about the tube—maybe it's about the technique. Out of 52 million mascara video search results on Google, this seems to be the only lash-lengthening one I'll ever need.

According to Sydney-based makeup artist Stephanie Lange, there's a simple hack that not only gives you extra-long lashes, but thick ones, too, and it's quite simple. You simply have to combine whichever mascara you already have at home with some powder. After applying a layer of mascara just as you normally would, all you need to do is take a small amount of face powder with a clean eyeshadow brush and dust it onto still slightly-wet lashes. Then, again swipe on another layer of mascara to completely coat the lashes, using a separate spoolie to comb out any clumps.

"You can repeat the mascara and powder routine as many times as you want until you build up your lashes to be as thick or as long as you want them to be," Lange explains in the video below. "The more times you apply powder and mascara, you're building up the volume on your lashes and, in a sense, you're creating your own lash extension mascara, minus the exceptionally annoying little fibers that fall out into your eyes throughout the day and irritate you."

Lange has found that doing this combo twice is enough to totally transform her lashes. What she's left with is a look that beats falsies any day—and considering her video has 18,000 thumbs-ups, it's safe to say others definitely agree. Compliment-worthy eyelashes, here you come.

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