The Doc-Approved Trick for Getting Rid of Hiccups Once and for All

Photo: Stocksy/Marija Kovac
Ever had a case of the hiccups that just will not go away? Maybe you've tried popular methods for banishing the involuntary throat bubbles, like holding your breath, drinking water upside down, or having someone scare you. And, likely, maybe none of those have done the trick. But, there is one doc-approved solution you might not have seen during your frantic Google searches to kick the hics for good.

While just about anything can trigger the hiccups—whether you're excited, stressed, the temperature changes, or you simply swallow too much air—one method of stopping them doesn't involve any circus-worthy stunts: It's simply an amped-up way of drinking H2O.

"My go-to home remedy is taking 20 tiny sips of water in a row, as quickly as possible." —Celine Thum, MD

"My go-to home remedy is taking 20 tiny sips of water in a row, as quickly as possible," Celine Thum, MD, told Self—and it's a hack that almost always works for her patients, some of whom have endured severe cases of prolonged hiccups that have disrupted eating and communication habits. "By swallowing water repeatedly, you can’t breathe in so quickly, forcing your body to calm down. [This] slows down its nerve impulses to the diaphragm."

Sure, this method may garner some funny looks from your dog—you are stealing its signature drinking technique, after all. But hey, if the simple act of sipping water at a crazy-fast pace is what finally makes your hiccups go away, then so be it.

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