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7 Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy, According to the Chakra System

Erica Sloan

The concept of “bad vibes” (though difficult to pinpoint scientifically or medically) is a sensation that resonates with many people, no matter the circumstance in which they might arise. Perhaps you walk into a room and a disconcerted feeling washes over you. Or maybe you spend time with a negative person and find that their energy makes you feel down, too. Or, maybe you’re the one who’s feeling off for no apparent reason, and you’re looking for a way to lighten things up—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As a method of discovering and processing where that energy originates, you might turn to the foundational principles of the chakras, “which refer to degrees of consciousness in the form of energy at different points in our body,” says Ayurvedic expert Sahara Rose, author of Discover Your Dharma. Like India’s traditional medical system, Ayurveda, the chakra system is derived from the Vedas, a large body of ancient Indian scriptures, says Sahara. And the chakras are referenced within Ayurveda as an avenue to ascertain energetic imbalances, and help realign both body and mind.

"If a chakra is spinning too fast, that would be considered overactive. If it's spinning too slowly, it's under-active. And the flow of that energy is determined by our thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences." —Parita Shah, Reiki practitioner

You can picture chakras as wheels of energy in the body, which can either spin in balance or out of balance, says Parita Shah, a Reiki practitioner and energy healer: “If a chakra is spinning too fast, that would be considered overactive. If it's spinning too slowly, it's under-active. And the flow of that energy is determined by our thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences.”

We tend to notice that energy more keenly when it feels negative—perhaps manifesting as exhaustion, anger, helplessness, and even jealousy—all of which may be rooted in unprocessed traumas, emotional wounds, or limiting beliefs, says Sahara. According to Bridget Ambrose, an energy medicine healer who’s studied Reiki and cranio-sacral therapy, we physically feel that negative energy by way of a lower, denser vibration, as a chakra spins out of balance.

And if that energy is present in a space, it’s possible to feel it, even if it doesn’t stem from your own body. “We all feel and respond to each others’ vibrations, even if we’re not aware of it,” says Ambrose. Part of the reason why may be linked to auras. “Just as we have energy present in our bodies, so, too, each of our bodies is surrounded by a field of constantly changing energy,” says Ambi Kavanagh, Reiki practitioner and author of Chakras & Self-Care. And when negative energy from someone else interacts with that auric field, it can make us feel upset, anxious, or otherwise off-balance, as well.

“We’re much more intuitive than we recognize,” says Shah. “If you pause and ask yourself what it is that you’re picking up from a certain space, you’ll be surprised by how much energy you are deriving from other people.” As such, it’s essential to find ways to make your own energetic field resilient to both internal and external negative forces. Below, find tips from Sahara, Ambrose, Shah, and Kavanagh on how to get rid of negative energy whenever (and from wherever) it arises.

Here are 7 methods for getting rid of negative energy, using the chakra system:

1. Rethink the "negative" framework

Even if it feels negative, this kind of energy is not exactly “bad,” but instead considered shadowed or imbalanced, says Sahara. “Shadow only means that we have not shined the light on these issues, and these shadows become more noticeable in others when we have not done the work ourselves.”

She suggests reframing your mindset to consider this shadow energy as present for a reason—to help you grow and release unhelpful preconceptions. To do that, Sahara suggests asking yourself questions about the negative emotions you might be feeling, and then journaling about them in order to bring them into awareness. “Doing so will raise the outer layers of your energetic field, as well as help align the chakras,” she says.

Another helpful avenue: breathwork. It’s a great way to feel and process an emotion, rather than just dismissing it as negative, Sahara says: “It helps the emotion move through you and release somatically.”

2. Detach yourself from energy that isn't yours

Setting healthy boundaries is a key way to steer clear of situations that could provoke negative feelings internally or put you in the presence of them from other people. It’s okay to say "no" to that person, that event, or that favor if it’s something that doesn’t align with your current energy.

Not to mention, you can set internal energetic boundaries, too, in order to avoid processing other peoples’ negative vibes. "You can ask yourself, ‘What feelings are mine, and what feelings am I taking on, perhaps to help someone else, or just by being human and being a sponge for other people's energy?'" says Shah. Then give yourself permission to let go of everything that isn’t yours to harbor.

3. Take a bath

"This is a wonderful way to purify the aura of negative energy, and re-nourish your spirit," says Ambrose. "Adding in some essential oils such as eucalyptus, cedar wood, and lavender, along with some Epsom or sea salt works to calm the body, mind, and spirit."

4. Practice a chakra-balancing meditation

Start by visualizing these wheels of energy along the spine, suggests Shah. “The red root chakra is at the base of the spine, the orange sacral chakra is in the pelvic area, the yellow solar plexus chakra is at the stomach (right above the belly button), the green heart chakra is at the center of the heart, the blue throat chakra is at the neck, the indigo third-eye chakra is at the center of your forehead, and the white crown chakra is right above your scalp,” she says.

Bring these different color placements to your mind, and breathe into each one, giving yourself permission to expand the energy with your breath, she says. This will help you develop a relationship with the chakras and determine where any negative energy might be stemming from.

5. Incorporate mindfulness moments throughout your day

You don’t have to settle down on your meditation pillow to give your mind a boost—smaller breaks are helpful as well when working with heavy thoughts and feelings. “Throughout the day, take a moment to pause, feel your feet as they connect to the ground, even place your hand on your belly, and take three deep breaths,” Ambrose says.

6. Spend time in nature

The Earth is one of the most powerful (and free) energy healers that we have, says Shah, and allowing yourself to be supported by it can be deeply restorative. “Most nature spots are full of negative ions, which, contrary to their name, actually help us with creating positive energy,” says Kavanagh. “Forest bathing has become very popular and is a great way to get grounded and centered, and remove yourself from fight-or-flight mode—but you don't need to make it complicated. A simple walk down a quiet tree-lined street can often shift your energy.”

Kavanagh also suggests time spent near or in the ocean, if you can. Whether you’re swimming or dipping your toes in the water, or simply breathing in the salty air and listening to the sounds of the waves, you’ll find that it’s a powerful way to bring your energy into equilibrium and feel more centered as a result, she says.

7. Practice visualization to channel a more positive energy

Ambrose says that she visualizes the following scenario when she leaves her house and returns back home: “I often imagine myself being surrounded and protected in a beautiful warm light that holds all the wisdom, sweetness, and love from the universe. I visualize my entire body filling up with this light, every cell being bathed in it. I imagine it surrounding me. Once I feel, sense, and know that it is, I then send it out to any situation, person, or place that could use a higher vibration.”

You can also visualize yourself having a healing energy pouring through your body and traveling along your spine, suggests Shah: “You might start to feel certain body parts get warm or you might feel tingling or even pressure. You could also see some colors. All of those things are just indicators that energy is shifting and releasing.”

Originally published on March 10, 2019, with reporting from Erin Hanafy.

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