With This Genius Hack, You Get the Most Out of Every Jar of Coconut Oil

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
When you've used up your trusty tub of coconut oil—to do everything from moisturize your skin to  whip up a stir-fry and even clean your mouth (seriously, what can't it do?)—you're technically not supposed to rinse out the jar and pour it down the drain because that (magical) coco residue can clog up your pipes. So how can you toss it, while keeping your recycling bin oil-free?

Natural makeup artist and wellness guru Jessa Blades has the perfect hack for using those last little bits that aren't quite enough for a face wash (or to scoop out for a full spoonful): Add it to your a.m. beverage.

Seriously—just pour your morning drink of choice (tea and coffee both work) directly into the container, swish it around, and voila! Now your elixir has an added boost of healthy fats (and a touch of that sweet tropical flavor).

"You get the good fats from the jar into your morning warm beverage...and you don't waste a drop of healthy oil!" Blades says. Um, will this motivate me to keep up (or, okay, start) my oil-pulling routine so I can savor the sweet reward when I'm done with my supply? Definitely.

Pro tip: Lee Tilghman (of Lee From America) uses a similar technique to get every drop of almond butter from the jar. And for other multitasking a.m. beverages, try this coffee-avocado smoothie and Busy Philipps' skin-boosting Bulletproof coffee recipe

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