How to Give Your Beauty Routine a Clean Makeover in 2018

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Deciding to go natural with your beauty game comes with lots of feel-good vibes, but also a lot of questions: Do I really have to toss everything in the trash? Which ingredients are the really bad ones? What about mascara??

Lucky for you, we’ve got answers: In our beginners guide to natural beauty, we’re rounding up the easy swaps you can make to your vanity right now.

Keyword easy—because all of them are available at Target. From chemical-free shaving cream to a workhorse facial moisturizer (and yes, a mascara that actually works), it’s as simple as clicking “add to cart” (and easy on your wellness budget, too).

Consider your 2018 resolution to clean up your routine officially achieved (bonus: your skin/lashes/everything are going to be on point). Click here to read exactly how to do it.

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Photo: Stocksy/Leandro Crespi

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