A Healthy Girl’s Guide to Surviving Your Saturn Return

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Your 20s are marked with plenty of memorable milestones—your first drink, job, serious relationship—and every rite of passage comes with its own hurdle to clear. The highest of all, however, will likely be your Saturn return—it’s one of the most significant phases, astrologically speaking, because it takes 28 to 30 years for the planet to orbit back into the position it was in when you were born.

Timing wise, its initial homecoming coincides with a pivotal moment in most people's lives. "Think of [it] as a cosmic checkpoint on your path of emerging adulthood," suggests astrologer Sandy Sitron, founder of Strong Eye Astrology and Hypnosis. Navigating yours will likely take a few healthy cocktails and a lot of soul searching—getting advice from someone who's gone through her own isn't a bad idea, either. Fortunately, Sitron has got you covered when it comes to the latter.

"Think of [it] as a cosmic checkpoint on your path of emerging adulthood."

She and her longtime BFF Dana Balicki (who also happens to be a transformational coach) have put together a free Saturn return survival guide that's basically like a Rosetta Stone intended to take some of the mystery out of the phenomenon for folks.

For example, Sitron says it's totally normal to find yourself wondering: "Are you in alignment with your true self, are you making decisions based on other’s expectations, or are you saying yes to your real desires?" during this time. So don't let these types of existential questions kick you into crisis mode. Instead, according to the two modern mystics, there are a handful of concrete things you can do that'll help you find the answers you're looking for—and make it through this cycle in your life feeling happier and healthier.

To help get you started, here are their 5 rules for handling your Saturn Return like a total boss.

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Slow down: When your life feels a bit more ebb than flow, consider it an opportunity for extreme mindfulness. Instead of trying to rush through the tough stuff, pump the brakes. "See if you can notice when you’re challenged or triggered,” suggest Balicki. "Step back from the thought, examine it. Loosen your grip. Let the story and emotions move through you, make peace with you. Quiet the inner chatter.”

Ask yourself the hard questions: “I made some major life decisions in my Saturn return, but before I made those decisions, I had to do a few important things: I had to summon my courage to ask myself the toughest (AKA scariest) questions,” says Balicki. "I also needed support to get there—there’s no shame in the game when you need help.”

Set an intention: As a teacher, Saturn will test your limits. So what should you do? "First, honor that this is the energy of this time," advises the life coach. Then, she suggests setting an intention along the lines of: “I open myself [up] to this time with curiosity and grace. I honor my journey and travel with joy,” or whatever will make you feel your most, Yeah, I got this.

Work the positive angles: "I love seeing this as a season of opportunities to step into your power, examine where you’re at and what you’ve been creating, and get aligned with what you really want in your life. Like every day’s your birthday!” says Balicki. "But sometimes you get something you didn’t particularly want—so do like Queen Bey and make lemonade.”

Embrace the unknown: Seemingly every minute of your late-20s has a giant question mark looming over it: Is this the right job? The right partner? The right path? Saturn’s return will make everything feel even more WTF-worthy—embrace it. Balicki says, "Trust the answer will arise. Because your deepest truth is already within you.”

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