Here’s How to Recreate a Perfect Day From the Well+Good Retreat at Home

Photos: Hanna Yamamoto

Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine what your perfect day looks like. If you're anything like me: From the moment that my eyes flutter open, I want to be cocooned by the warm air, I want to be pool-adjacent, and I want to find a way to better myself—whether that's by learning a new skill or by working out in a new way.

So, the Well+Good Retreat pretty much checks all of my boxes (and from what I hear, pretty much everyone else's, too). If you couldn't make it, though, fear not: I'm here to provide you with a template itinerary you can totally use to turn any given Saturday or Sunday into a wellness-fueled mini recharge. Self-care staycation, anyone?

Keep scrolling for the itinerary from our perfect day in Palm Springs.

Matcha latte

7 a.m.: Give yourself an early wakeup call and focus on learning something new: We learned all about matcha from co-leader of the Well+Good Retreat Candice Kumai. She taught us where it came from, how it's created, and most importantly, how to make a delicious cup for yourself at home. Soon, she'll be taking this knowledge on the road teaching workshops. Take a peek at her Matcha Masterclass website to see where.

Buddy Workouts

8:30 a.m.: Book a sweat sesh. At the retreat, that came in the form of Charlee Atkins' Le Sweat workout class, which was divided into 30-minutes of cardio, 30-minutes of strength, and 30-minutes of stretching. Create a series of moves and do each for 50 seconds, giving yourself a period of 10 seconds after each to recover.

Palm Springs

12 p.m.: Give yourself some time for R&R. Well+Good Retreat attendees ate lunch and found a place to chill by the pool for a relaxing afternoon of rest with a great view.

Popsicles by pool

2 p.m.: Make yourself a snack: At the Retreat, attendees ate juicy popsicles when the sun got high in the sky, but you can make your own by busting out your juicer and pouring said juice into a popsicle mold. Try this recipe for watermelon hibiscus ice pops.

Journaling by the pool
Photo: Hanna Yamamoto

3 pm: Post popsicles, take a moment for yourself and just write down how the day is going. Scribble down your thoughts in a journal like this Allswell one, things that you want to do tomorrow, and where you want to see the rest of the day going.

Le Stretch class

4 p.m.: Give yourself time for active recovery. Atkins uses lacrosse balls in her Le Stretch class to help people work out the muscles that get tight and are hard to reach in everyday stretches.

Beauty noodles

5 p.m.: Prep a meal for yourself that will make you feel good: During a demonstration, Kumai shared how she makes her carrot beauty noodles with quinoa, edamame, and avocado.


7 p.m.: Take time to reflect: Eat under the stars, give yourself a beautiful tablescape, and surround yourself with others who want the same things that you do.

If you're looking for more about the Well+Good Retreats, here's what happened on day one and this is everything you need to know about our retreat leaders.

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