5 Ways To Impress a Leo Boss—And What To Definitely Avoid Doing

Ever the self-motivated force of nature, fiery Leo is a natural fit for a managerial role at work. Those born under the sign of Leo, which spans from July 23 to August 22, tend to embody both get-the-job-done tenacity and an innate generosity, which can make them not only effective managers of projects and tasks, but of people, too. That said, to get along well with a Leo manager, it’d be wise to work in a way that complements their commitment style and contributes to their sense of authority and success. As such, the smartest tactics for how to impress a Leo boss revolve around both self-discipline and charm, says Alexandria Lettman, astrologer for The SoulUnity.

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“Leos can be rigid, but only because they’re so proud of their work,” says Lettman. “They’re hard on others because they’re equally as hard on themselves behind the scenes.” To that end, know that any above-and-beyond effort you exert at work won’t go unnoticed in their eyes.

It's also worth noting that a Leo boss may find it difficult to release control and trust that people will play their own parts in getting a job done, adds Lettman. This reality makes it all the more important to prove your competence early (and repeatedly) in your relationship with a Leo boss, in order to avoid sparking micromanaging tendencies in them.

"A Leo's commitment to structure and routine is what makes others feel well-managed and guided by someone who knows what they're doing." —astrologer Alexandria Lettman

In any case, their natural drive for control typically stems from a positive place: "A Leo's commitment to structure and routine is what makes others feel well-managed and guided by someone who knows what they're doing," says Lettman. They tend to have a level-headed approach that can put their direct reports at ease. And even if they don’t show it often, a Leo's share-the-wealth generosity will manifest in the form of ample praise and reward for their employees whenever they’ve truly earned it.

To ensure your work style meshes with that of your Leo manager as seamlessly as possible, read on for ideas of how to win them over, including both things to do—and to avoid.

How to impress a Leo boss, according to an astrologer:

1. Be respectful

This one’s a no-brainer in all work settings, but it applies particularly in the case of a Leo boss, who will appreciate some amount of deference to their authority. Notably, a Leo boss also expects that degree of respect to extend to your work, too: “Leos seek out someone who respects themselves by carrying themselves well, working hard, and keeping organized,” says Lettman.

2. Practice self-discipline

In line with respecting your own work comes the practice of having a disciplined work ethic. “Leo managers are ruled by the fixed modality, meaning they value practicality and a long-term commitment to the job,” says Lettman, adding that Aquarians could fit this role particularly well. “They share Leo’s fixed nature, which allows them to understand the value of perseverance toward a goal,” she says.

In general, however, being self-disciplined at work means not only taking initiative to get your job done well—both when your Leo boss is watching and when you’re working solo—but also having the strength and focus to maneuver through unexpected periods of turbulence, too.

3. Flatter them—honestly, that is

A Leo loves a good compliment when it comes from the heart. “They want employees who can acknowledge the hard work that they put in regularly, as well as their expertise and leadership,” says Lettman. “A little flattery when it feels right can go a long way.”

4. Bring clever new ideas to the table

While a Leo manager will almost always appreciate a proactive employee who surfaces business-supporting ideas of their own, this season, Leo could feel a greater push from Uranus’s transit to encourage individuality in their staff, says Lettman. “They're looking for someone to impress them with an innovative, fresh perspective that can bring new vitality to their company, especially if things have been stagnant lately.”

And, in fact, a Leo boss could be in an experimental phase of their own right now, coming up with new, out-there ideas that might not seem instantly understandable to others. If you can, aim to be supportive in that regard, and see how you might help them create a feasible plan for carrying out these new concepts.

5. Tap into the fun parts of your own personality.

An all-work, no-play approach won’t land with a Leo. Instead, use some of your personal charm to appeal, in some cases, to their non-serious side. “They don’t want the workday to go by without at least a few laughs and memorable conversations,” says Lettman.

Getting to know your Leo manager for who they are outside of the office will help turn your relationship into more of a friendship—which they’ll enjoy. “Asking them about their weekend or spending some time together outside of work hours, whether it’s just lunch or a car ride, will unveil a new side to them and allow them to trust you more, as well,” says Lettman.

Libras often bond well with Leos in this way, as their Venusian nature (based on their planetary ruler, Venus) makes them great at developing relationships with colleagues, says Lettman. But anyone who can jibe with the group, stay positive, and laugh at themselves will definitely impress a Leo boss.

What to generally avoid when working with a Leo manager:

While a Leo will always appreciate your hard work, you don’t want to reach so far above and beyond expectations for your role as to outpace them. “Authority is something that they worked hard for, and seeing someone else shining brighter than them in their workspace could knock their self-esteem and sense of importance,” says Lettman.

Finding the right mix of fun and function is essential, too: Though a Leo will enjoy the occasional water-cooler (or virtual) banter—and often even crave it—it shouldn’t get in the way of your professional duties or their workflow. “Leo managers have a strong, disciplined persona that they tend to switch on when the workday begins—and not knowing when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play won’t go down well with them,” says Lettman.

As you follow their lead, you’ll soon get the hang of when a Leo boss is seeking out a bit of personal chitchat versus when they’re head-down, zoned in on their work. Nailing your part of the balance will be the key to impressing them big-time, both as a direct report and as a friend.

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