This Model Has a Genius Perspective on How to Love Your Body Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Meet Wellness Collective, our immersive curriculum with Athleta that hooks you up with actionable advice from the smartest experts and brand founders in wellness right now. Get the goods at our monthly event series in New York Cityplus dive into our online one-month wellness plans. But first, get some tips on how to love your body better from Mama Cax.

If it would take less than 30 seconds for you to name your top insecurities, congratulations—you're human. And while some days you walk around feeling fierce in your own skin, other days the confident vibes just don't flow as freely.

So if you find yourself needing a body-confidence-boosting pep talk every once in a while (don't we all?), blogger, model, and disability advocate Mama Cax has some advice for you.

Cax was diagnosed with bone cancer when she was 14 years old, and had to have her right leg amputated at 17—so she's had a lot of practice learning how to be comfortable in her body right now, exactly how she is—even on days when the feeling doesn't come naturally.

“Be in the moment," Cax advises. "I love to stay active and work out, and oftentimes I find myself worrying about how my body might look. But I think it’s more important to be grateful for how my body is performing rather than how it’s looking.”

File that away under "reminders you're awesome," and pull out the technique whenever you need a pick-me-up. Because sometimes the best hype girl is yourself.

Watch the video above for even more tips on how to love your body, and your life.

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