3 Tips for Maintaining Your Energy Level Throughout the Day

Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed
When you're reaching for your nth cup of coffee of the day, it's likely because you're trying to overcome the midday slump or end-of-day drowsiness. However, Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, offered three smart caffeine-free alternatives at the 2017 Global Wellness Summit.

The three-day event, which kicked off yesterday in Palm Beach, FL, featured speakers like Jordan as well as Well+Good co-founders Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula, who delivered the keynote address. Jordan's presentation, though, focused on maintaining energy levels throughout the day—without the help of too many matcha lattes.

Step one: Look at energy as a four-dimensional being (a combination of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) rather than just coming from one facet of life. Finding the intersection where your four elements are fully engaged, Jordan says, will keep energy levels up.

Energy expenditure has to be balanced with energy recovery, Jordan explains.

Step two: Replace the idea of time management with energy management. Even though most people feel like they don't have enough hours in the day, Jordan suggests to "make the most of the little time you may have. Invest your full and best energy into those moments [in order to be] fully engaged," and get optimum results out of whatever activity you may be partaking in.

Step three: Check in with your energy level, and replenish it as the tank gets low, just like with anything else that may deplete in life—like your avocado supply or your desk-drawer snacks. Energy expenditure has to be balanced with energy recovery, Jordan explains. It's impossible to constantly operate at the speed of light without inevitably burning out, which is why he suggests thinking of your energy expenditure as sprint-and-recover workout rather than a marathon.

So, try and take short breaks at the office, like one of these methods to de-stress at your desk, and avoid multitasking (doing so could help you stay focused anyway).

If "tired" has become your natural state, it could be related to social jet lag or your pup's sleeping habits.

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