The Main Ingredient in Your Smoothie Actually Shouldn’t Be Fruit, Says One All-Star Dietitian

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When you're craving a smoothie while you're out and about, getting your nutrient-rich pick-me-up is generally as simple as hitting up your favorite juice shop and placing an order for your go-to mix. Unfortunately, even though sipping on the brightly-colored beverage might make you feel like you're the Queen of Health, one common mistake could be snagging your worthy royal goals.

Many popular smoothie-slinging businesses—whether it's Starbucks or Jamba Juice or any other retailer—offer tasty mixes primarily filled with fruit. While fruit is a great part of every rounded diet, one registered dietitian says you could benefit from going back to smoothie basics and totally reimagining the composition of what even makes a healthy blend. Well+Good Council member McKel Hill, MS, RD, says that to make your smoothie total nutrition #goals, it should be made from mostly veggies.

"Most smoothies you get at local juice shops and smoothie bars can be loaded with excess sugar," the all-star nutritionist writes in a recent Instagram post . "Instead, aim for 50 to 70 percent of the volume of the smoothie to be made up of veggies—like spinach, kale, zucchini, and cauliflower—then the rest healthy fats, protein, and fruit."

When your base is a cocktail of vegetables, you'll take in a wider range of body-boosting vitamins and minerals—not just sugar overload. But don't worry: If it's the fruity blends you truly love, you can totally still enjoy your fix (but look out for sugar traps, like apple juice as a base). Just make sure you're mindful about packing enough greens into your balanced diet and you'll be just fine, Your Royal Healthiness.

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