How to Make a Mermaid Bath (Yes, It’s As Dreamy As It Sounds)

Photo: Fig+Yarrow

Admit it: When you were younger, at some point you got in water and pretended to be a mermaid. (It's cool, I did it too.)

While it may not be so socially acceptable to do that anymore (at least, not unless you're mid-mermaid workout or are sipping on a merbabe latte), there are plenty of reasons why you might still yearn to emulate the mythical underwater creature. And this summer I say go for it—by drawing yourself a mermaid bath.

Like unicorn toast or Harry Potter yoga, the concept is simple: Take an everyday healthy habit (here, soaking in the tub) and make it magical (okay, and uber photogenic).

"You want a soak that's fit for a sea goddess."

"You want a soak that's fit for a sea goddess," says Brandy Monique, herbalist and founder of cool-girl natural beauty brand Fig+Yarrow and a newfound fan of the summer self-care ritual. Best of all, the ingredients you need are probably already in your kitchen pantry. There's Himalayan sea salt, which, according to Monique, "adds a ton of minerals to the bath that'll heal and beautify you from the inside out—plus it relaxes your nerves and muscles." Other key ingredients? Blue-green algae spirulina ("which is full of antioxidants and gives your tub that beautiful color," notes Monique) and sea clay to "connect you to the ocean."

And since bath time can totally count as cardio (not to mention a revitalizing sacred ritual), it's the perfect location to tap into your inner Ariel (or bad-ass goddess of your choice)—no fins required.

Ready to take that mermaid bath? Here's how to make one at home.

Photo: Fig+Yarrow

Mermaid sea soak

16 oz Himalayan sea salt
16 oz baking soda
1/2 oz sea clay powder
10 g spirulina powder
12 drops pink grapefruit essential oil

Just combine the mixture and stir it into your tub—and then enjoy as the water transform into a gorgeously green hue that will beckon you in.

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