Finally: How to Make Your Foundation Last the *Entire* Day

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Given the amount of to-do list items that most women manage to check off in a given day, it’s hardly a wonder that the foundation that you painstakingly blended after your sunrise spin class is long gone by the time happy hour rolls around. Most of you know the feeling all too well of standing in front of a mirror at 5 p.m. with zero makeup left on your face and wondering,  “What on earth happened to me today?!"

Sure, you can pack your entire makeup drawer into your purse and commit to re-applying every hour on the hour (or at least before major events)—but why not leave the heavy lifting for the gym? Turns out, there are a few simple tricks of the trade that can help make your foundation last from your morning matcha till your p.m. plans.

Read on to see how two celebrity makeup artists make that coverage last all day long, no matter what kind of world conquering you’ve got on deck.

Preparation is key

Makeup formulations these days are nothing short of miracle-working, but when it comes to making it last, it all starts with your skin. "To make foundation last longer, skin care is so important,” says Sigma Beauty celebrity makeup artist Diana Oh, who recommends skin hydration via a moisturizer. For makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, a final spritz of toner helps to get your complexion primed for foundation application. "I love prepping the skin with a toner,” says Greenberg, noting that this step helps to tighten pores which allows the product to sit more smoothly. His pick? Caudalie’s new Vinopure Toner.

Prime well

Primer’s main responsibility is to hold your foundation in place, which is why this is a can’t-miss step when it comes to ensuring a long-lasting wear. “My favorite primer ever is the Hourglass Mineral Primer,” says Oh, who notes that she’s seen it last through long days on set and relies on it as a wedding day go-to for her bridal clients. "It bulletproofs your face and can make it almost waterproof, which I love.” Another all-natural option that she recommends? Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer, which she finds works best on dry skin types.

Take it slow

For anyone with exactly 20 minutes to spare between getting out of bed and out the door, the idea of taking your time to put on makeup may seem like a pipe dream. But setting your alarm just a few minutes earlier can make a real difference in terms of making things last. "I really believe you have to take your time putting on foundation,” says Greenberg. "I usually buff it on with a brush, and then set it in by dabbing a Beautyblender on and then pressing set with powder."

Pick up a layering practice

It may be tempting to cake on as much makeup as possible in the hopes that at least some of it sticks around past lunch, but that plan may wind up backfiring. In fact, light layers are actually going to be your best bet. "I always apply a light layer of foundation with a foundation brush, like the Sigma Foundation Brush F-60, and then I actually pad it in with the concealer blending brush Kabuki F-70,” says Oh. "So I apply a light layer and really work it in until the skin absorbs it." Then she tops it all off with concealer for spot treating, followed by a final, thin layer of foundation blended together with something like a Beautyblender.

Get more bang for your Beautyblender buck

Don't sleep on finishing sprays. “When I blend, another trick I use is that I actually spritz a fix spray onto my Beautyblender,” says Oh, noting that she wets it first before dousing it in a fixing or setting spray, like Flower Beauty Seal the Deal Long Lasting Setting Spray. “I pat it into the skin so that you aren't just spraying it and letting it sit there—you're actually working it into the foundation.” Seriously — is there anything that a Beautyblender can’t do?

Set it and forget it

The final step (or really, four steps) is arguably the most important. “Powder, press with blotting paper, and then press powder again!” says Greenberg. "And spray that foundation with a fixer — it makes it last longer.” World, here you come.

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