How To Make Moon Water in 6 Steps and Empower Yourself for the Month Ahead

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The full moon culminates the full-moon cycle and is associated with all kinds of potent energy. It symbolizes the end of one chapter, asking us to both identify how far we've come and to accept things we may not wish to see. And, according to astrologers, there are ways in which we can mindfully harness its energy to usher out negative vibes and empower ourselves positively for the month ahead. One way to do this is with the help of moon water, which you can learn how to make and use during each full moon.

"Moon water has been used for centuries to help humans embrace and absorb energy from the full moon," says astrologer Jennifer Racioppi, author of Cosmic Health. "In Ayurveda, people would bathe in moon water in order to fully absorb the prana or energy of the moon."

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Now, many astrologers say you can drink—or bathe in, or spritz your home with—moon water to harness its energy. Naturally, learning this tidbit led us to wonder a few things—namely, what does moon water do? What are the benefits of moon water? And, more importantly, what’s the best way to actually make moon water to use in our own lives? Uncover the answers to all those questions and more, below.

Moon water benefits to know about

Although moon water is hardly new as a healing tool, it’s managed to slide under the radar for many people in modern-day times. According to Racioppi, though, moon water is worth incorporating into your routine—or, at the very least, trying out.

"It has a calming influence over the mind and body, as well as aiding in treating certain ailments," she says. What’s more, she points out, that since full moons are the time to cultivate your power and expedite the manifestation of goals, incorporating moon water into your routine can extend those positive vibes.

When to use moon water

As balancing and restorative as moon water can be, you might be inclined to try to drink, spritz, and bathe in it each and every day. According to astrologer Chani Nicholas, however, that’s not the best idea. That’s because the mind- and body-benefitting effects of using moon water may well manifest differently for each full moon, because each moon cycle itself is different.

"Each full moon has its own unique properties, some you may want to harness, some you absolutely do not," Nicholas says. "As a general rule, eclipses are absolutely not moons you want to harness the energy of. Eclipses cast shadows, revealing to us what lurks there, usually revealing things that are toxic or in need of cleansing. We want to work with eclipses in ways that help us gently remove impurities from our system."

All of that's to say that eclipses, despite being full moons, are a time to edit out cosmic energies that aren't serving you—not drink them in.

New moons are also not the best time to use moon water, because they tend to carry different energy. "The intentions you set during a new moon can influence the power you harness in your moon water from a full moon," Nicholas says. "Thus, new moons are the beginning of the cycle, and not the time to absorb the power of the cycle."

Now that you know which full moons not to make moon water with, it’s time to learn how to make moon water with those that remain. The celestial body can charge your water with whatever energy you need to get through the next month or so, so you’ll want to make plenty. Learn how, below.

How to make moon water in 6 simple steps

1. Learn about the particular full moon's energy

First, since each full moon is different, it's important to understand the particular energies swirling for the particular event. For instance, a full moon in Leo might be different from a full moon in Taurus, and those differences might inform the ways in which you connect with your moon water once you make it. To understand the energies happening surrounding a particular lunar event, consult an astrologer or read an online forecast ahead of charging your H20 with the moon.

2. Choose a container that's reflective of the intentions you want to set

It could be one of your many, many, many mason jars. Or maybe you want to be a little decadent and austere with some vintage glassware from your bar cart. Whatever it is, make sure the ethos of your vessel captures what you're looking to embrace in the coming month.

3. Fill your container

Racioppi suggests sourcing your water from a fresh, natural source. "If you live by a nearby stream or river, gently dip your container in the water source and fill it with fresh water," she says. "If you don’t live near fresh water, tap water or bottled water will also work. If you are planning on making consumable moon water, I recommend using tap, filtered, or bottled water."

4. Infuse your moon water with your intentions

Ask yourself what you want and need from this full moon, and consider writing down your intention as a manifestation exercise. You can place the written manifestation next to, taped to, or situated underneath the container, or simply take a meditative moment near the water to think about your intention. Once you feel you have infused your water with your intention, the step is complete.

"You also have the choice of surrounding your moon water with crystals, herbs, and any trinkets that relate to your intuition and intentions for your moon water," Racioppi adds. "If you are making non-edible moon water, feel free to place crystals and herbs inside of the water. If you are making edible moon water, you may try wrapping the top of your container with a cheesecloth and securing it with a string or band, then placing your special items on top of the cheesecloth."

5. Place the jar where it can absorb moonlight

Outside placement is ideal for this overnight arrangement, but if you're apartment-bound or have limited access to the outdoors for any other reason, near a window sill works (even with a closed window).

6. In the morning, retrieve it, and use it however you see fit

Drink it straight, boil some for your tea, put it in a spray bottle and charge your home while you're cleaning—do whatever you'd like. The charged moon water is your oyster, essentially.

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