How To Make and Use Moon Water To Bring Your Deepest Desires to Life

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Lunar energy is never more potent than during a full moon. This moon phase represents the midpoint of the monthly lunar cycle, when the sun and moon align on opposite sides of the Earth, and the moon appears wholly illuminated. Its mystical presence has generated all sorts of lore around its powers, the full moon being associated with odd or wonky behavior and even vivid full moon dreams. The common denominator among spiritual belief systems like astrology is that the moon holds sway over our emotions. And one simple way to harness its magic? Making moon water.

To understand the power of charging water under the moon, it's helpful to first get well-acquainted with the moon and its function. Generally speaking, the moon is one of two luminaries in astrology (the other being the sun), and its closeness to Earth gives it a strong pull over us earthlings. Just as its movements control the tides, it's thought to affect our internal waves of feeling and emotion, with different moon phases generating different kinds of energy (hence the reason why the moon phase when you were born is said to influence the genre of your life story).

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Because the full moon is when the moon appears brightest in the sky, it's associated in astrology with hidden or secret things coming to light, and information that was previously obscured being disclosed. This reveal often represents the end of a cycle, as we're asked to identify how far we've come and accept that reality which we may not wish to see.

Embracing full moon rituals, like making moon water, can help us harness lunar energy when it's at its strongest, and work to both release those things that no longer serve us and empower ourselves positively for the future. Below, experts shed light on how to make moon water, plus how it works and when and how to use it for the best effect.

What is moon water?

Moon water is exactly what it sounds like: Water that has been charged by the moon. "Moon water has been used for centuries to help humans embrace and absorb energy from the full moon," says astrologer Jennifer Racioppi, author of Cosmic Health.

In a way, moon water is akin to holy water in a church. "It’s water that's blessed, prayed over, set out underneath the full moon, and used in ritual work," says Racioppi. And when you start making moon-infused water, you unlock the ability to manifest your deepest desires and move closer to spiritual self-empowerment.

How does moon water work?

Because water is a receptive element, it's thought to be able to absorb the energy of the moon. And because the moon is said to have a potent influence on the Earth (and on us), water charged under the light of the moon can then become a powerful vessel or container for that energy, allowing us to access and work with it more easily.

As for the science behind the moon's influence? Though it's long been believed that the moon can affect everything from human behavior to health, research is limited. A small 2014 study found that the full moon may impair certain metrics of sleep quality1, while a small 2012 study found that the changing gravitational pull of the moon in different moon phases affects certain cardiovascular functions2. It was also once believed that menstruation could be linked to moon phases3 (with periods more often occurring around the new moon, aka a white moon cycle, versus around the full moon, or a red moon cycle), but that connection between menstrual cycle and lunar phase has since been disproved4.

Regardless, however, we know that the moon is a “key satellite that keeps the Earth in balance,” says Racioppi, and the waxing and waning of its light is linked to our biological rhythms much in the way that its gravitational pull controls the tides. (After all, our bodies are mostly water!)

“In magical practices, the moon correlates with our intention-setting practices.” —Jennifer Racioppi, astrologer

Moon water allows us to tap into that energy, from a spiritual perspective, says Racioppi. You can harness the moon's power by imbuing water with a positive desire that you hope to manifest. “In magical practices, the moon correlates with our intention-setting practices—a new moon is dark, thus a time to do the inner work of cultivating or setting an intention, whereas the full moon is bright, thus a time to bring things to fruition,” she says.

When to use moon water

There are certain full moons that are more optimal for making and using moon water than others, according to astrologer Chani Nicholas. "Each full moon has its own unique properties—some you may want to harness, some you absolutely do not," she says.

Generally, a full moon is the time to make and use moon water (as opposed to any other moon phase). You want to avoid making moon water at other points in the lunar cycle and especially during the new moon, "which represents the beginning of the cycle, and not the time to absorb the power of the cycle," says Nicholas.

You also do not want to make moon water during any kind of eclipse (yes, even during a lunar eclipse, which occurs during a full moon). "Eclipses cast shadows, revealing to us what lurks there, including things that are toxic or in need of cleansing," says Nicholas. And that's not energy you want to harness. Rather, eclipses are moments for editing out the cosmic energies that aren't serving you—not drinking them in.

How to make moon water in 6 simple steps

Engaging in a moon water ritual involves collecting water in a dedicated vessel, infusing the water with a positive intention, and then letting the water charge overnight under the light of a full moon. When you retrieve it in the morning, the charged water will be ready to incorporate into your daily wellness or beauty routine.

Below, you'll find six simple steps for taking part in your own moon water ritual.

1. Learn about the particular full moon's energy

Since each full moon has a different energetic signature based on the zodiac sign in which it occurs, it's helpful to get to know the vibe of the full moon under which you're planning to make moon water before diving in.

For instance, a full moon in Virgo will come with a dose of pragmatism and methodology (in keeping with the grounded Earth sign), whereas a full moon in Leo will pack a more vibrant, expressive energy (in line with the passionate fire sign). Understanding these specifics by consulting a horoscope for any given full moon can inform how you choose to connect with your moon water and find empowerment with the moon's energy.

2. Choose a container that reflects the intentions you want to set

Part of your lunar water preparation is choosing the right container. It could simply be a mason jar, or maybe you want to fancy things up and use a piece of vintage glassware from your bar cart. Whatever it is, make sure the ethos of your vessel captures the energy of what you're looking to embrace in the coming month.

3. Fill your container

Racioppi suggests sourcing your water from a fresh, natural source if possible, like a stream or river. But if not, tap or bottled water can also work. (Just note that if you're planning to consume the moon water once it's charged, it's best to go for tap or bottled water in order to avoid any side effects of drinking untreated water.)

4. Infuse your moon water with an intention

Ask yourself what you want and need from this full moon. “When working with lunar magic and ritual practices, one of the most important things to do is to cultivate a clear intention,” says Racioppi. “What are you hoping to get out of the practice of working with the moon’s cycles?” Your intention or manifestation can be anything you want—love, acceptance, boundaries, healing… the possibilities are endless.

Once you have your intention, consider writing it down. You can place the written manifestation next to the container, tape it or otherwise secure it to the container, or place it beneath the container. (Or, you can choose to just take a meditative moment with your water to think about your intention rather than writing it down at all.) Once you feel you have infused your water with your intention, this step is complete.

5. Arrange sacred items in or near your water

"You also have the choice of surrounding your moon water with crystals, herbs, and/or any trinkets that relate to your intention," says Racioppi. "If you’re making non-edible moon water, feel free to place crystals and herbs inside of the water. But if you’re making edible moon water, you may try wrapping the top of your container with a cheesecloth and securing it with a string or band, and then placing your special items on top of the cheesecloth."

Not sure where to start? Consider choosing the type of crystal that most closely corresponds to your intention. (For example, rose quartz might help you conjure love or self-love, and amethyst could be of assistance for stress relief.) If your intention centers around money or weath, Racioppi suggests placing three shiny dimes in or near the water, and if you're calling in health or wellness, consider including a few healing herbs.

6. Place the jar where it can absorb moonlight overnight

Outside placement is ideal for this overnight arrangement, but if you live in an apartment or have limited access to the outdoors for any other reason, placing the water near a window sill works (even if the window must remain closed). In the morning, you'll have charged moon water ready for us.

How to use moon water

To connect with the energy of your moon water, you can incorporate it into any element of your daily routine, or create a ritual surrounding its use to anoint yourself and imbue your space with its positive vibes. For example, Racioppi says you can:

  • Cook with it or brew tea with it
  • Put it in a spray bottle, and clean with it
  • Use it to water your planets
  • Sprinkle it on yourself or around the corners of a room
  • Use it in a full moon bath ritual
  • Use it in a diffuser or as part of a room spray (with the addition of essential oils)
  • Place it on a mantle or altar as an offering to your ancestors or spirit guides
  • Incorporate it into you beauty routine as you would a toner or perfume
  • Drink it straight (assuming you made it with potable water)

How to harness the power of moon water for your zodiac sign


You love to start projects, so you often pivot away from things that don't feel aligned and toward what feels fresh, new, and promising. By learning how to make and use moon water as part of a full moon ritual, you can create closure with things you no longer wish to pursue while leaning into an intention for where you want to go next.


You're known to be fond of things that ignite your five senses and bring you material pleasure—and making moon water can be just that. Taking the time to incorporate healing crystals and herbs into your moon water based on what feels and smells good can help you better co-create with the cosmos, amplifying your natal magic.


Like the moon itself, your emotional world waxes and wanes, and you regularly cycle through changes in mood and perspective. In this realm, moon water can serve as a calming and regulating force, helping you to stay firmly connected to your natural creative impulse and harness it for good.


As a water sign ruled by the moon, you may naturally gravitate toward a moon water ritual. While you can use moon-infused water to help manifest any of your desires, you may do especially well using this practice to release what no longer serves you and create boundaries that help you protect your sensitive heart.


You love to have fun and enjoy life, making moon water a wonderful way to engage your sense of play and imagination. Embrace your inner child to cast a spell surrounding what you truly desire, and let the moon infuse your water with its cosmic powers.


Ever the methodical pragmatist of the zodiac, you'll do best to use moon water for cleansing purposes. Consider literally putting your moon water to use by adding it to the solution you use to wash your floors or filling a spray bottle with it, and using it to spritz down your countertops. Scrubbing your place of dirt will make room for fresh energy as well.


Making moon water can expand your sense of equilibrium and enhance your beauty routine, given your connection to the values- and aesthetics-oriented planet of Venus. Don't be shy about throwing rose petals in the water or adding in a few drops of an essential oil. You may even want to make a beauty-enhancing mist with it.


You have a serious ability to embrace the depths of truth without flinching at what feels difficult or uncomfortable. Often, this means accessing an uncanny sense of intuition from within. When making moon water, do so with the intention of amplifying this intuition, so that everything you need to know will be revealed to you. (You won't be disappointed.)


You have a fiery tendency to always jump to what's new and next in life—but the craft of making moon water can teach you to slow down, tune in, and cool off. Weave it into your life, and you may be amazed at how much better you intuitively know how to handle situations and people that once overwhelmed your spirit.


You're arguably the most practical, results-driven sign of the zodiac... so the idea of making moon water may seem far too esoteric—until you try it, that is. Does it make scientific sense? Not necessarily. But does it work? Absolutely. Remember, making progress in life doesn't always require understanding how all the pieces fell into place.


As a cerebral air sign, you often live in your head. But by practicing the art of making moon water, you can consciously connect with your heart. What do you feel? What do you need to process? How can you lean into the art of sacred practices to process your feelings? Consider these questions as you make moon water, and you can find a sense of emotional flow and connection uninhibited by rationalization.


As a mutable water sign, you’re hardwired to understand the magic of moon water. Let the practice of making it become meditative, mindful, and connected to your deeper desires in life—as you're wont to do with most things. Sink into the serenity of a moon water ritual, and you’ll find your most authentic essence revealed.

Well+Good articles reference scientific, reliable, recent, robust studies to back up the information we share. You can trust us along your wellness journey.
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