4 Tips for Making That Money From the Founder of Ladies Get Paid

To say we don't engage in real talk about money often enough would be the understatement of the century. In the most recent episode of Well +Good's YouTube series The Avocado Show, Ladies Get Paid founder Claire Wasserman highlights the fact that Latina women make 55 cents on the dollar and less than 22 percent of women make it past middle management. Despite recent efforts, the chasmic wage gap persists. But Wasserman hopes to teach women how to make more money.

In order to change the number stamped on your paycheck, Wasserman says, it's essential to known your own worth. Market research is a good place to start. "You gotta do as much research as possible and the key is, talk to people! Talk to white men—they make the most money," says Wasserman. Ladies Get Paid serves as a resource for salary comparisons, but you can also consult Glassdoor and LinkedIn, or join women's whisper networks.

Wasserman advocates for transforming your mistakes into teachable moments ("It's all about what you can learn."), dancing to your go-to power anthem and doing jumping jacks before stepping into a meeting. Remember that even the worst days will eventually end, she says.

"Define success in your own terms," says Wasserman. "Take time with it. Really dig into your values, and make sure it's not your mom's voice, it's not society, right!? What are your values? Can you make sure you're living aligned with those values? It's hard work actually."

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