8 Secrets to Squeezing Every Last Moment Out of Summer

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Maybe it's the vitamin D, the summer Fridays, or the road trips, but summer is always a difficult season to part with. As the countdown to its imminent end ticks ever closer to zero, you might start to feel panicky about what little bit of the season you have left to soak up (those Labor Day party invitations are really just micro-aggressions against your joy).

You can turn to Netflix to keep the summer vibes going, but if you need a few more ideas, the Well+Good team has you covered—we know from actual experience that the season does not have to end after Labor Day. You can stay blissed-out as long as you want by indulging in summer-y things all year long.

Read below to see how the Well+Good team maintains that summer state of mind.

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1. Be a summer purist

"It's still summer after Labor Day! You can still totally live your summer lifestyle until September 22, at which point you can channel all that leftover summer energy into embracing hygge and sweater weather." —Molly O'Brien, associate video producer

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2. Savor every drop of sunshine (and order pizza)

"I like staying outside and soaking up what's left of the warm weather and late sunsets. Grab some friends, pick up the pizza you've been eyeing all week, find a spot outdoors with a good view, and have yourself a picnic! It's the perfect way to make summer magic last." —Lexi Chianese, sales and marketing assistant

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3. Wear white whenever you want

"Don't follow the white rule, AKA only wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Wear all white all year to keep the light and glow-y vibes going." —Ella Dove, video and events producer

"I'm a big proponent of ignoring the rule that you can't wear white after Labor Day. There are so many ways to continue to wear white—especially athleisure—while still holding onto those last warm days of summer!" —Celine Cortes, audience development associate

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4. Know that ice cream has no seasons

"Eat ice cream. Full cream, no cream, dairy-free, whatever you're into. Ice cream is a surefire way to make me feel like summer is still within my reach." —Kendall Bryant, product manager

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5. Same with anything else iced

"Keep drinking iced drinks! Iced coffee, iced matcha, iced whatever!" —Hannah Weintraub, social media associate

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6. Transport your senses

"I wear a piña colada-scented natural deodorant to keep the summer spice alive. I also sip on tropical smoothies—particularly with pineapple and coconut—when I'm feeling bitter about the cold." —Rachel Lapidos, associate editor, beauty

"If all else fails, reach for Le Labo's Neroli 36 fragrance, spray it, and breathe deeply. It’s like taking a hit of a day at the beach." —Kendall Bryant, product manager

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7. Keep taking vacations—even little ones

"Impromptu weekend getaways are so fun and easy, and they capture that carefree summer spirit. No matter where you live, there's probably someplace cool to explore within a few hours of driving." —Alexis Gutter, senior news editor

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8. Immerse yourself in nature

"Get barefoot in the grass, swim in the Delaware River (any body of water will do the trick!), go for a hike, stare at trees with the leaves on, which is my cheesy attempt to make a screensaver kind of memory. #outdorky" —Melisse Gelula, co-founder and chief content officer 

Make the most of the remaining summer days with a sunrise ritual and a sunset run.

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