How to Get the Most Out of Meditating—Even When You Feel Like You Have Zero Time

Meet Wellness Collective, our immersive curriculum with Athleta that hooks you up with actionable advice from the smartest experts and brand founders in wellness right now. Get the goods at our monthly event series in New York City, plus dive into our online one-month wellness plans. And now, find out how to meditate below from MNDFL's Ellie Burrows Gluck.

Between work, clocking in your steps, and your numerous social commitments, setting intentional time aside to meditate can feel like your own personal Everest. The reassuring thing? Even master meditators like Ellie Burrows Gluck, founder of New York City meditation space MNDFL, feel you.

"If someone says they don’t have time for meditation, I completely understand what they mean—we live incredibly busy and full lives," says Gluck. That said, "Meditation is the ultimate mobile device—you can take it anywhere with you," she adds, quoting esteemed meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg.

Find out how you can fit meditation into any part of your day in the video above—and above all else, remember that it's less complicated than you think. The important thing? Remember Gluck's three C's of meditation: commitment, consistency, and cumulative—all of which will help you on your journey to building a practice that sticks.

"Even if you think you can’t meditate, if you could bring your full attention to just one single breath, the in breath and the out breath, and maybe the space between the last breath, then technically, you just meditated," says Gluck. Challenge accepted.

Watch the video above for an inside look on how to meditate even when you're short on time.

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