Moving in With Your Significant Other? Here’s a Trick for Melding Your Home Design Styles

Moving in with your significant other for the first time is a big step. But beyond navigating paying shared bills, divvying up household chores, and generally melding your lives together, another, less-discussed hurdle can emerge: how to mix your home design styles, especially when you have differing opinions.

The good news? There's trick to it, at least when it comes to picking paint colors. Looking at your respective zodiac signs to see what mood you're both drawn to can help—kind of like how your signs offer insight into the compatibility of your overall relationship.

That's why we teamed up with Sherwin-Williams® to create our Colorstrology destination, in which we curated an entire, color-filled mood board for each of the zodiac signs. Consider it your go-to for turning your home into a sanctuary that feels uniquely you. 

Take Well+Good editor Alex Taylor and her longtime boyfriend Luke Breland, for example. Despite both being Aries (which are, ahem, notoriously strong-willed and self-focused), they each have opinions on how the bedroom in their new Brooklyn apartment should look.

A Florida girl at heart, Taylor was digging the warm-weather vibes of Sunrise SW 6668, but Breland wasn't totally sold. To settle the dispute, they previewed how the colors would actually look on the walls with the Sherwin-Williams® ColorSnap® Visualizer App. The star-fated resolution? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

Watch the video above to see their apartment transformation, and check out Colorstrology for more inspiration on how to mix home design styles with your significant other.

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