6 Pantry Upgrades That Will Make You Ridiculously Happy (And Ridiculously Organized)

You know what's even more satisfying than scrolling through Pinterest looking at photos of super-organized pantries? Having a super-organized pantry yourself.

And especially right now, when you're likely spending a lot more time in your own kitchen—even if it's just to throw a frozen pizza in the oven—giving every utensil and ingredient its own spot can help you stay efficient, calm, and (most importantly) pumped to whip up meal after meal.

Not sure where to start? Consider these six affordable organizing staples from Walmart your gateway to a clutter-free, streamlined pantry, or, you know, the cupboard where you keep your food. Knowing you can post a casually gorgeous pantry still life on Instagram Stories at any moment (if the feeling moves you) is just a bonus.

Ready to learn how to organize your pantry? Keep scrolling for six stylish, functional must-haves.

MegaChef Kitchen Food Storage and Organization 5 Piece Canister Set, $38

Step number one in the how to organize your pantry handbook? Stock up on all your cooking basics and find somewhere to put them. These food-safe storage canisters make great homes for coffee, sugar, and the like (and the matte gray finish will look styled and fresh no matter how many loose coffee grinds you spill around them).

Better Homes & Gardens 3-Piece Reactive Finish Vase Set, $32

Okay, so we wouldn't recommend storing pasta in these, but in order to be truly happy spending time in your kitchen, you need a few pops of color and a place to plop any impulse-buy bouquets. (Because fresh flowers have never made a space less inviting.)

how to organize your pantry

Better Homes & Gardens Outdoor Melamine Grey Terazzo Serve Bowl, $15

Got open shelves or cabinets? Pretty serving bowls can double as decorative art pieces. This one's dishwasher safe, great for storing little knickknacks, tea bags, or treats, and—when it's on the dinner table—will make any salad seem 10 times more exciting.

how to organize your pantry

Better Homes & Gardens Large Rectangle Wire Orb Baskets, $30 for 3

Whether they're storing fruits and veggies, extra dish towels, or cleaning supplies, these bronze wire baskets will get the job done and make said supplies look instantly fancy.

how to organize your pantry

Farberware 15-inch x 21-inch Hardwood Cutting Board, $20

You need a cutting board for all the veggie chopping you're going to be doing in your new kitchen oasis, so you might as well make it an aesthetically pleasing one.  To that end, this classic hardwood board adds a rustic touch to any shelf.

Home Basics 4-Piece Glass Clear Canister Set, $12 

Whether you're displaying nuts or cereal in these clear canisters, no pantry is really complete without classic glass jars. Airtight lids make sure whatever you're storing stays fresh, and spoons attached to the side make for convenient serving. And really, what sparks more joy than knowing your pistachios have their own specially devoted spoon?

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