I Created a Vanity Space, and Now My Self-Care Routine Is My Favorite Part of My Day

To be totally honest, I've never been able to commit to a self-care routine. In theory, taking time for myself every day is a no-brainer (face masks + tea + podcasts = pure bliss), but in practice, I end up FaceTiming a friend or scrolling through social media (hey, I said I'm being honest).

And while there's definitely not one right way to do self care, I can attest that adding more screen time to my evenings after spending my days on Zoom meetings was just not cutting it for me.

So when I came across this adorable vanity table from Walmart, it sparked an idea: By carving out a physical space in my bedroom dedicated to self care, I would (hopefully) look forward to it more, and thus spend more time doing it. My stress levels were already thanking me.

Inspired by my appreciation for skin care and love of all things organization, I got to work. Displaying all my self-care staples where I could see them—in an aesthetically pleasing way, of course—helped make it easier for me to stick to my goal of 20 minutes of me-time each day. Plus, the act of organizing actually relaxes me, making this project a self-care double-whammy.

If you, too, want to learn how to organize your vanity (or start one from scratch) to jumpstart your self-care practice, it just takes a few calming essentials—all of which you can snag at Walmart, making them super easy-to-find, not to mention affordable. Get ready to curate the self-care setup of your dreams.

Not sure how to organize your vanity for your own self-care routine? Keep scrolling.

how to organize your vanity

Think big picture

You can't learn how to organize your vanity...if you don't have a vanity. So if you're vanity-less (or the one you have just doesn't match your style anymore), go the extra self-care mile by looking for one that has plenty of storage, a mirror, and a ring light.

A cozy, stylish rug can also add a luxurious touch, and a bluetooth speaker is key for playing your favorite playlist whenever you sit down to do your makeup or evening skin-care regimen. *Cue relaxing bedtime tunes.*

Set the mood

Now it's time to focus on all the "extras" that will make your space feel like you. The trick here is remembering you're not just setting up your vanity for function—this should be a space that brings major feelings of calm.

To you, that could mean a journal for getting all your thoughts out, a nice tall lamp so you can turn off harsh overhead lighting, or a mini fridge for storing your beauty products (and feeling extra fancy whenever you use it). Personally? I'm a fan of all three.

how to organize your vanity

Add in the details

And of course, a vanity isn't complete until it's neatly packed with extra-special, skin-care staples. From soothing serums to boosted eye balms, going above and beyond the basic cleanser and moisturizer combo can give your daily routine a facial-esque upgrade.

Invest in a jade roller or a high-tech cleansing device to show your complexion some love (plus, the act of using it is therapeutic in itself). And whenever you sit down to relax after a long day, make sure to have that steaming mug of tea handy—or, you know, whatever your definition of pure bliss is.

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Photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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