All You Need to Peel a Mango Is a Glass, a Knife, and a Dream

Photo: Stocksy/Christine Han
It's hard not to love mangoes. They're delightfully sweet, juicy as ever, and just as delicious in a smoothie as they are sliced with a pinch of salt. But they're a pain in the butt to cut and peel. I mean, who wants to spend 20 minutes wrestling with a piece of fruit?

Not surprisingly, I'm not the only one who has issues cutting and peeling mangoes. On a Reddit thread, mango lovers discussed the issue and how to make the process easier, and one method stands out: using a glass. According to Melissa Bailey, the blogger behind Hungry Food Love, peeling can be tricky because of the fruit's odd shape and your inability to properly grip it. But when using a glass, it becomes a breeze.

Learning how to peel a mango involved just a few easy steps. First cut the sides of the mango off, making sure you don't hit the flat center pit. Then grip a glass with one hand and press the edge of the mango slice against the rim with the other. The mango slides into the glass, and the peel easily separates on the outside. After you're done with each side, grab a knife and cut into slices.

While there are other mango-cutting techniques too, this is by far the easiest and quickest way. If only I would have known about it years ago.

Now that you know how to peel a mango, here's how to tackle other hard-to-cut fruits, like watermelon and pineapple. And 10-in-1 kitchen gadget that cuts and peels every type of fruit under the sun.

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